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Ellipti-Go Review

I was contacted to try out a new fitness gadget, the Ellipti-go. We planned what day I would be free to travel up to Hermosa Cyclery. It’s about a 30 drive from my house and I knew that it would be best if I did it on a day off. I took a friend from work with me and they had two Ellipti-go’s for us to try.

Me, being the skeptic I am, didn’t really think that these guys would be much of a workout, none the less something that I would literally want to buy.

They basically are mobile elliptical. When I first got on it I was a little nervous about staying on and having trouble riding it. I have really bad balance and was scared of falling, especially on the Strand, a beach path where we tested them and there were quite a few people out. We went up last Friday and was a BEAUTIFUL day it was! We couldn’t have picked a better day. We both just wore workout clothes and neither of us had any idea what to expect. After signing some waivers we were off!

When we first started, it was really very easy to get the hang of it, and once I was on, I was not scared of falling off at all. It’s really easy to balance on and you glide along, totally controlling your speed by how fast you are moving your legs. You can increase and decrease the ‘incline’ that you are on as well by a simple changing of the gears. The first mile we only had it at incline 3, but we wanted to see how we could push ourselves and if it could be a good workout. After two miles we were on the max incline 8, and we really felt like we were getting a great workout.

The best thing to compare it to is a bike, your just standing up and peddling that way. It was really fun and then next day we were both really surprised at how sore we were!

Here is a video to show you how it works. Don’t mind my man voice.

It was really fun and really works out your butt and legs a lot more than I thought. I would rather do this any day than the boring elliptical at the gym.

Here’s much more information and pictures on them as well! The only downfall is that they are pretty expensive, but my friend and I both agreed that if we had the money, we would definitely consider purchasing one. They are great for just traveling about and give you an excellent workout. They are really low impact and I could see it as a great recovery tool as well if you were injured from running. Another fun thing was that EVERYONE we passed by stared at us and wanted to know more information! It was really a fun and different way to work out. I also thought that it would be cool just to rent them for a day or something. That would be an awesome idea!

Totally loved the Ellipti-Go and if you have a retailer by you, check them out! Thanks again to Hermosa Cyclery and their kindness for letting us test them out!


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