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Thursday and Friday

So I basically had always been told, you haven’t done Long Beach yet, since I started working with Run Racing in February. Which was true, I hadn’t. It is the biggest event we put on with about 23,000 registered participants and then about 45-60,000 people all coming to one place in one day makes for complete insanity. I literally had no idea what I was in for, but I am overall proud of us as a company and can’t believe I made it through it all. Seriously. Everyone is crazy.

I’ve realized a few things throughout the weekend. One of the biggest things that I realized is that you can NEVER make everyone happy. That is really hard for me to do because I want everyone to be happy and this is something I truly am passionate about. There are some people that just don’t listen and will always complain. That being said, onto the weekend events!

Thursday was the last day at the office and we were getting everything updated, packing everything up and scurrying around . Registration closed the night before and we were all excited. I feel like the whole last week I was so nervous and everyone had the feeling of lets just do this and move forward! All the guys had already started the manual labor part of the weekend and I truly love all our crew guys and all the girls in the office were doing all the last minute things in preparation. I was getting really nervous. Thursday night it was hard for me to sleep and I tried to keep updated on our Facebook and Twitter. There was just SO much going on and I felt like we were all firing on all cylinders. Finally I was done emailing and answering questions around 11 pm at night and felt like I had all my stuff ready for the weekend.

Friday morning came way too early as I had to be back down in Downtown LB at 7, that means a 5:30 wake up call. The medals were arriving and I was excited that after failing a lot x-rays in the port of Long Beach, they were free to come over after being inspected! We had t-shirts and medals, so the race could go on!

I was really stoked on the Sign Making Area that I set up and had at the Expo. A girl I work with and I were really excited and hope it got a lot of traffic, we set it all up and were excited for people to see it and use it. All weekend we were more than excited to see it packed with people checking out the signs and making signs as well.

The last thing that really was something new and exciting that we had been working on were the mile markers for the race. Just seeing them with the artwork was awesome and I was so glad that they came out looking as good as they did. All these mile markers were decorated with special artwork from special patients at the Miller Childrens Hospital in Long Beach. They are all up for silent auction and I truly love all the artwork on all the mile markers. I think they’d look so cool in an office or gym or something!

Before I knew it, it was 12 and the Expo was open. There were so many people there and SO many questions. I felt like I was running around all day long and lost complete track of time, which seemed to be the theme of the weekend. With the Aquarium of the Pacific Free Kids Fun Run early the next morning I knew things wouldn’t stop from this point on. After the expo closed we had the VIP dinner and it was great to finally meet some of the people I communicate only through email. After that was over around 9 it was back to the Expo to close it down and then we did a few errands for set up and for the crew. Finally crawling into bed at 12, I knew the alarm for 4:00 am for the Kids Run was going to kill me.

I was really excited and nervous as I worked hard on planning the kids run with the team and was really excited for all the kids to come and the parks and rec kids to come out and enjoy the race. It was the first year we were doing the new format and we were all interested to see how many kids came out.

Tomorrow I’ll recap the Kids Run and working on Saturday!

Also, winner of the Not So CliShea Giveaway are Angielou Harris, Rinat and Megan! Please email me at when you get the chance with your address and I’ll get each one in the mail asap! Super excited you guys won!


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