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Done and DONE!

Well yesterday I traveled out to Camarillo to conquer (strong word there) the 1st ever Camarillo Marathon! And what a trip it was! I got it done in 4:25, which I’m happy with especially with the lovely 25 at the end. It wasn’t my best race but it definitely wasn’t my worst so I’ll take it! There were a lot of weird random things that I’ll go through on my complete race report, which I’m working on, but I’m glad it’s done and I still can’t believe it was number 6! I remember at the beginning of 2009, I was planning on running my FIRST marathon in 2010. My, how things change. I actually don’t feel too sore and am contemplating the Malibu full marathon. I am pretty shocked that I am not really to punch myself in the face and go into hibernation, which normally I am.

I traveled up on Saturday afternoon and did score these lovely little gems at the Nike outlet on the Clearance rack.I have the yellow shorts below in Gray already and have never seen them anywhere else and I love them so I had to snag them up! They are so comfy and have pockets. I also got the visor that I wore on race day because I was so worried about getting a sunburn.

Then I had some delicious dinner from Panera and was going to go the movies, but was so tired that I decided to stay in and just hang out in my room watching football until around 8:30 pm. In my awesome hotel room overlooking a trailer park! It was actually rather quite because I was in the back of the room section and once I was able to fall asleep, I slept REALLY well, which is rare the night before the race. So I set a bunch of alarms and slept until I was woken up at 5 am! I also specifically asked for a wake up call and realized on my way home after the race that I never got the wake up call.

As you can tell, I’m a little paranoid about waking up race morning. I didn’t have any problem though and got up nice and early and got ready in about 30 minutes and then I was off two miles to the start line.

Since there were about 200 people in the race there was absolutely no traffic and parking was simple. Next up is the race report, which will probably be around on Wednesday! Tomorrow I’ll let you know the winners of Salon-Pas patches! Make sure to comment if you haven’t yet!


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