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Camarillo Goals

So I’ve delayed it enough. It’s time to write up goals for Camarillo.

A. finish the race with a smile on my face and finish around 4:10

B. finish the race around 4:20 and still be smiling

C. Finish the race before my personal worst time of 4:41, which happened at the LA Marathon.

I’m thinking that a 4:25 might be my golden time, since it’s almost my 25th birthday.

I know that with that being said, even if I finish at 5:25 I’ll be happy, since I know I will have finished marathon number 6. I know the weather will be nice which was one of the main things that I was worried about. I’ll be glad when this race is over because then I will have no distractions at work as the big day quickly approaches on that front as well.

I have my shoes and outfit picked out and my hotel room booked. I leave tomorrow morning to head up there and I’m going to make sure my music is all charged up tonight and the best news of the day that came last night.

I FOUND CLAUDE THE GARMIN! After not having in for about a month and a half I found him again, tucked in between my headboard of my bed and the mattress. Random spot I know, but I’m glad that I have him again. While he was gone I just used my watch and map my run but I knew come race day I wanted to have him with me so that I knew the mile splits.

Marathon number 6 is here. Let’s do this.


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