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25 is oh so fine!

So I had my birthday part of last week and this week and I got some wonderful dinero to Forever 21, a sweet PANINI GRILL so I can make caprese sandwiches to my hearts content, and an awesome easy bake oven that I’ve ALWAYS wanted since I was a young girl. Yes, the lovely Sheabee got that little gem for me. So now our kitchen is christened with a ton of appliances and I can’t wait for race week to be over so I can grill and bake stuff! Bake is used loosely since it’s all done by a light bulb and is doll sized. I also was treated like a little special penguin at work.

Yes, I’m wearing one of our lovely event parkas since I work in a stinkin’ igloo. Also, notice the lovely Long Beach Maps behind me and the marketing mascot the octopus who sits above my desk and watches me work. I know. Crazy. Also, I’m not 52 but this was a joke in the office.

Nothing too crazy on birthday evening, besides consuming a little too much wine, but my big birthday bash was on the calendar for October 8th. It was a night at the Los Alamitos Race Track, which was a little out of the ordinary and fun. All the girls who showed up wore big hats!

Two of my Best friends, Stefana and Shea! So loved the hats and the derby dress up! It was so different wearing such a big hat and yes, I couldn’t see out of it all night long.

The little broseph and I! So cute and yes my dress had pockets. Major score. Thank you Shea for letting me basically live out of your closet!

My two lovely cousins and I at the race track. Too bad I spent so much time on my eye make-up only to realize that you can’t see it in any pictures. Or the fact that I have like 3 pictures from the entire night. Must get iPhone4 with Flash!

Last but not least, the lovely girl I work with. Everyone gets us confused at work and calls us by each others names. Weird, but true. A few people from work came and it was really fun.

So thanks for all the birthday love and I’m stoked that I kicked off 25 with a marathon and now it’s race week and I’m prepping for everything for the race that won my marathoning heart! Can’t wait to get this show on the road this weekend and fingers crossed that everything goes off without a hitch! It should be awesome and I get to see my pretty medals tomorrow! I’ll do a post tomorrow with some stuff for Long Beach that has basically consumed my life.


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