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Taper Time!

So I’m one of the few that loves taper. I truly enjoy it and right now, I’m happy as a clam in taper mode. I might be tapering in running world but my life aka work is still going 110 miles per hour.

There are so many things I’m counting down till the end of the year and it’s so exciting!

Camarillo Marathon is 9 days away and my birthday is 12 days away! Today it’s one of my co-workers birthday and we have three birthdays in the month of October at work! I love birthdays! I love cupcakes and sugar. Then the Long Beach Marathon is only 22 days away!

I’ve been asked many times if I’ll be running or working and I will most definitely only have time to work that weekend. It will be crazy all weekend long and going off zero hours of sleep will be awesome. I’m so excited for it though. Everything is starting to come into the office and it’s like Christmas all the time with all our stuff for the race. Enough work talk.

This weekend I’m running 13 miles, which I think I’ll try to run as hard as I can. One last good run before Camarillo. I’m going to wear my outfit that I have set out for race day and also try out the playlist before race day. I need to start planning race logistics, which I’m the WORST at for myself. I ran twice this week but had no time to go to the gym. I did have time to get a hat for my birthday though!

I am so excited for my upcoming birthday and my party is the weekend after Camarillo so I should be able to walk normally by then. I also got a bunch of new workout clothes passed down from a friend at work and I’m SO stoked to wear them all the time. I am totally becoming that person who wears workout clothes all the time. It’s getting bad. But with all these new clothes I just want to wear them all the time!

Hooray for Taper! Hooray for all the fun events coming up! Hooray for new clothes and Hoo-fricken-ray for Friday!


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