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Salon-Pas Patch Review

I recently was contacted to try the Salon-Pas Patches for soreness. I must admit, I was a little skeptical, shocking, as I usually am. I have a really bad back and sometimes running aggravates it a lot. I also sit at a desk and look at a computer a lot of the time for work. Thus making my shoulders a little bit knotty. I tried the Salon-Pas patch the first time after a long run and felt how warm they got and great they felt immediately! It’s like keeping a ben-gay or theragesic type cream on your back ALL DAY LONG. It was awesome and didn’t smell and I didn’t have to reapply later in the day to get the same great feeling that I had when I first put it on.

Here’s a picture that I got from Jillwillrun of the patch actually on someone. You can use the patch anywhere that you might have pain. I think if you have knee or ankle problems, this would be super helpful.

salonpas patch Pictures, Images and Photos

Since I put the patches on my shoulders and back it was a little difficult trying to get a picture. I really found that these give me heat relief throughout the day and it’s a great relief tool that you can use for more than one hour or 20 minutes like an ice bath. I also feel that heat works better on sore muscles after an ice bath and they are helpful for long term relief!

I also liked the material that the patch is made up of. I would compare it to a soft moleskin material. It’s really thin and doesn’t look like you have a big patch on your body either. I also really liked how it stayed in place really well. I think that is really important because I have tried a store brand type patch like this before and this one was much more adhesive and stayed in place the entire time I was using it, which was roughly 6 hours.

So all in all, I think this product is excellent and really useful for long term comfort and care with muscle soreness. I also was lucky enough to snag 5 kits to give away to 5 lucky readers! Just leave a comment with what injury you are dealing with now, if any! If you are not injured, leave a comment with your next race, where you know you’ll be sore after!

Can you believe Camarillo is 10 days away? GAH!


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