Long Runs

Not the runs you are thinking of! I went on a 16 miler this weekend with my friend Maritza and though I didn’t really know how I would be feeling. I have been totally swamped with work and working on our new website that I barely have ran at all in the past few weeks. Our new site finally launched this past weekend and though there are a few small changes, it seems to be doing well!

So back to running. I was a little nervous if I would even be able to run that far, but it went rather well for my lack of training. We started off on Ocean in Santa Monica and ran all around downtown and actually ended up running a lot of the LA Marathon course. It was a great day out and I fueled well. I was a little tired around mile 10-15, but I also was having a small pain in my second toe, which seemed to be bothering me from mile 6 onward. I realized I should have taken another salt tablet around mile 10 to finish off the run, but I survived okay.

We passed a lot of homeless people and the most random thing happened. A lady, who was not homeless and was waiting for the bus in Brentwood (one of the nicest areas in LA) somehow had three bags of dog poop (where she got them I don’t know) and she FLUNG them at the nearby gas station and made this weird HAHAHA laughing noise. It was the strangest thing ever. So weird, but it made Maritza and I laugh.

It was great to be able to run with someone though! I am not big for running in groups for some reason, but I do love running with just a few other people. It was really fun running with Maritza and I’m glad I had someone to talk to. This weekend I have a daunting 20 miler again but it’s the last one and I know if I can get through this, no matter how slow and horrible it is, I’ll be able to finish Camarillo, which is 19 days away. I’m lucky enough to have another friend running a 20 miler this weekend and we are going to meet up early on Saturday to get it done and then I’ll be ready! Hopefully.

That snuck up quick. I’m reassessing my schedule and seeing what races I want to run next year and my training schedule to be a little more in  line with my job and how many hours I work a week. My job which I have a post coming on tomorrow!


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13 Responses to Long Runs

  1. Becky says:

    I’m the same about running in groups – never liked it at all – I’m a solo girl! Though on the one hand, I sometimes wish i had someone to talk to, but on the other, I’ve never run with someone so I feel like it might be weird.

    DogPoop Woman Sounds a little kookie.

  2. Chris says:

    Nice job getting through the long run with all that is going on in your life. Sounds like you’re already good-to-go for your next race.

  3. Nicole says:

    So jealous you got to run with M! Sounds like there are strange people in LA…. i cant WAIT for people watching!!!

    Great job on 16! So proud of you… miss and love you!

  4. Aj says:

    I really thought I was enjoying my solo runs (haha) but this weekend R and I were able to run together and she really pushed me on my pace. I think it depends on the type of run…easy runs, no problem I get to clear my head, long runs, fast runs, anything hard, I need someone to push me.

  5. Camarillo is only 19 (now 18?) days away??? Good holy heck! Maybe THAT will motivate me to keep training!

  6. Stuart says:

    Looks like everyone was in SM and the South Bay last weekend!

    Lucky you (and visa versa) running with MM!

  7. Billy says:

    Great job kids!

  8. Spike says:

    People throwing poop…awesome.

    Well done powering through those last few miles.

  9. Rachel says:

    I just started running and I hope to some day have an awesome running story like your dog flinging lady!

  10. Tara says:

    man how i wish i was there for this poop throwing spectacle! great job to you both! ♥

  11. Glenn Jones says:

    Maybe she was pissed off at $3 a gallon gas?

  12. I’m so glad that I got to run with you, even though we saw some crazies! At least we kept each other from actually BECOMING one of those crazies on Wilshire.

    Love ya!

  13. Rachel says:

    Wow…too bad I didn’t read today’s post BEFORE I emailed you! Thanks so much! Let the job hunt begin for me!

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