Cross Country?

I see so many teams out running lately and saw even more up training while I was in Big Bear last week. It all reminds me a lot of when I ran cross country in high school! I remember getting up and doing double days and not showering and camping while in Mammoth for training camp. Disgusting. I literally hated those weeks. Looking back, besides being filthy, it was some of the best running trails I’ve ever ran.

I remember running every day after school, doing insane workouts that now I can’t even imagine running. I remember how fun it was being a part of a team and how I enjoyed everyone’s company. I still have the shoebox that holds all my medals tucked away in my closet. I remember how excited I’d be race day when the gun went off and how we all had matching bows in our hair. My senior year we even all got racing flats with our school colors. They were awesome.

Then I am also reminded what a LOSER I WAS! HA! I had such bad acne and I ran all the time. Most people made fun of the cross country team and we tried to rationalize our running with sayings like, ‘Our sport is your sports punishment,’ which looking back, didn’t help anything. But man, it was a great time. I was a dork with asthma. But then again, I ran my fastest time in high school in the 5k at 19:57. Knowning now how in shape I was then, I wish I would have recognized it!

Alas, I leave you with a picture from my cross country days.

Can you find me?

I’m 5 in from the right hand side. Gheesh! I wouldn’t ever want to go back to those days!


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15 Responses to Cross Country?

  1. Meghan says:

    I ran cross country in high school too, and my experience was very similar. I loved it, but I am pretty sure we got made fun of a lot (even if our team was good). Things brings back memories!

  2. Meghan says:

    Whoops, meant to say “This” brings back memories. :)

  3. ilovesteaks says:

    I should’ve ran cross country in high school. Instead I played tennis and the only thing I excelled at was running those punishment miles. :) Anyways I’m going to get myself to a 19:xx 5k shape. Wanna join me? :)

  4. Stuart says:

    Ah youth is wasted on the young!

    You can go sub 20:00 again…if I can anyone can!

  5. Nicole says:

    I think its great that you have continued running past high school! What a great experience being on the XC team!!

    I see you have been speedy for a long time!!

  6. CarneAsada says:

    “can you find me?” all i had to do was look for the cheesy grin.

  7. Melissa says:

    I wish i ran cross country in HS…but i always thought “i could never do that!” And your 5k PR from back then is kick ass!!

  8. I LOVED being on the cross country team, but I agree with the comments you made about the image of the team. However, I was so sad when I had to stop my senior year due to injury.

  9. lindsay says:

    there is so more more to say about running than the punishment line…I cringe at those shirts. Awesome 5k time!

  10. Spike says:

    You are braver that I, I would never put my high school track picture up.

  11. Nicole says:

    i couldnt agree more. i am so glad i can run for FUN now… hs running killed my attempt at ever racing again… well maybe not killed it, but its in a coma for now. ;)

  12. Becky says:

    cute! i remember back in middle school getting our end of year time sheets and seeing that i had the 2nd fastest time that year. 2 miles in 13:52 – how was I ever that fast?!

  13. I just came across your site and read your about me and I absolutely love it! I can’t wait to read more of your blog :)

  14. Heather says:

    love the picture! I ahve very similar ones!

  15. Tara says:

    I loved being part of a team in HS…although I wasn’t on track and played voleeyball even though I was short! lol

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