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What’s in my Gear Check Bag?

So I always think the what’s in your purse posts are fun. So does Page, but that has nothing to do with anything besides the fact that I realize that I do also take the most random crap in my gear check bag and maybe perhaps someone thought it would be interesting! I’m totally one of those people who takes a ton of crap in my gear bag to the point where I think it’s going to explode. I’m also all about the lovely ‘backpack’ type bags that races have been giving out lately. LOVE them. Most of the stuff I throw in my gear check is for AFTER the race. :) Enjoy!

Deodorant, since after running however far I’m running, I’m probably a little stinky. Therefore deodorant makes me feel better and fresher and I’m sure all the people I’m hanging out with after the race appreciate it.

Everyone loves a little body splash. Just like the deodorant it masks the smell just in case I’m doing anything after the race or hanging out with friends for lunch or something. I just don’t want to rot while I’m eating.

Rainbows are my life! I love these flip flops and they go everywhere with me. I pretty much almost wear them everyday to work as well. They are the perfect post race footwear, if I decide to take my shoes and socks off.

Just in case it’s shark week. You never know when your going to need it. Just take into account my first full marathon. Blah.

Baby powder for the hair. Sometimes I put this in my hair to absorb the grease and sweat. Gross, yes, but it makes it look a lot better!

So I don’t put my WHOLE wallet in my gear check bag, but I do put some money and my drivers license if I’m not carrying it on me in my Fitletic belt during the race.

I love this chapstick. Basically am obsessed with it. It travels everywhere with me and I think it’s the perfect way to start feeling better after a race since usually my lips are a little chapped at the end of the race.

Sunglasses are clutch! I am caught wearing mine ALL the time and can’t be without them for long. I make sure that I don’t put in a good pair, but instead a pair from Forever 21 or something, just in case something happens. Who am I kidding, almost all my sunglasses are from Forever 21. I can’t resist 5 dollar sunglasses.

I have a gum addiction, so therefore I must have some gum. Also, sometimes before a race I’ll pop in a piece to chew as well.

I pack a new little outfit for after the race. Usually my comfy shorts and a gym t-shirt.

I pack a sweatshirt or jacket of some type. Luckily I had my work sweatshirt which I love wearing since it has a hood and is a little larger. And since it’s fairly new, it’s so soft inside still!

I pack another pair of socks just in case I want to keep my shoes on and I can still change my socks.

Lastly, I pack some hairspray, because there is one rule while running. You can never have enough hairspray!

Do you pack a ton of random crap in your gear check bag?


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