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Ryders Review

Sunglasses that I LOVE! Amazing! I don’t look like I’m blasting off into space while running. So excited to share these with you guys! A while back I tweeted about not having any good running sunglasses. I have tried to run in the warmer summer months with my Forever 21 pairs, but they just slip down my nose the whole time. Talk about annoying and super lame. I tweeted that I wanted some sunglasses that didn’t look like I was about to blast off into space when I was working out. I was shocked to see how many people responded with the same problems, no sunglasses were cute AND made for running. I got a few comments to check out Oakley, which I did. Over $100 for sunglasses that I’m running in is most definitely not in my budget. I am pretty rough on glasses, hence why I always get my regular ones from Forever 21. Then when I accidently smash them, I don’t feel like I killed half my bank account in with my designer shades.

I was contacted by the kind and generous people at Outdoor PR and they sent me some awesome shades to test out from Ryders. LOVE. They are straight up amazing! I, like usual, was skeptical when I first tried them out. I thought they would for sure slip down my nose when I showed the first sign of sweat. They fit my head well and never flopped around when I was running even on longer runs and now I can’t imagine running without them. I also totally love the color and shape, and best part ever… They LOOK AWESOME! It was simply amazing to know that I didn’t look like a grasshopper while running! I wear the Dutchess.

I love¬† how big these are. The look fashionable and totally can be worn when I’m not running as well. They are really dark and the best part is that now I can stare at everyone when I run like a creeper and no one even knows I’m staring! The only hard thing was trying to figure out which ones would best fit my face online while searching for them on the Ryders Website.

I really like the side view of the glasses as well. They are super comfortable and I’ve run with them so much that I can’t imagine them not blocking the sun from my eyes. They really protect my eyes since they are really dark and have UV protection as well. Quite a change going from nothing to these bad boys.

The key to them staying up on your nose while running is the little nosepads that the glasses have. They are awesome and stay up even on long runs when I become a sweaty mess. They don’t get fogged up either and really are fantastic. I was surprised when I never had to push them up ever.

Here’s a close up of the nosepads. They make a huge difference and make the sunglasses super comfortable as well.

Ahhh how I love these sunglasses! I do have like 10 pairs of regular ones that I don’t run in, but these seriously are perfect for working events, running and anything active. The best part is that they are only $39.99! That is something that I could pay and wouldn’t be devastated if they somehow got messed up in my gym bag, or I sat on them or something. I love these glasses so much that I wear them often even when I’m not running!

Check our Ryder’s Sunglasses here. The ones I tested were the Dutchess!

Since they rock, they also sent me a pair to giveaway!

Here are the ones that are up for grabs!

Please ignore the fact that I can’t close my mouth because of a giant coldsore. :/

Enter by leaving a comment on this post about your favorite thing about this summer. My favorite thing? Vacation in big bear last week and I know I’m going to just have a BLAST this weekend at my friend Nina’s Wedding in North Carolina!!!

Also, get another entry, if you tweet about the giveaway. Include @chicrunner in your tweet and include and something creative about the giveaway.

Good luck, I’ll pick the winner next Monday!


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