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So. I have something to admit. Every time I run lately, I longingly look at the ones that are constantly barking which way they want to pass me. The ones in spandex so tight it seems to cut off circulation to their brains to remind them not to be douchey. The ones who scoff at me since I use my legs to run and not wheels like the bikes they cruise along on. I have a serious case of bikelust. I really want I bike. I think it would be really helpful in my cross training and I think adding miles on the bike would help repair my legs a little bit from the thrashing I give them often with my long runs and would possibly help with my spring schedule of races that I want to hopefully accomplish.

And yes, tris have crossed my mind. Don’t get all crazy just yet, it will be a while till I get there. C’mon I need to plunk down a solid 2 g for a bike first!

I now introduce you to the hopeful future love of my life

The Giant Avail

I rode this bike before on a test ride and fell in love. It was so quick and clean and I loved the way it felt! The componets that it has are really awesome as well, for the price, which is a rough $1,500ish, not including the helmet, water bottle holder and trainer that I would want to get right away. Also, I love how the bike is very clean looking and I know that some pink handlebar tape would just be the perfect touch on here. :)

Le Sigh. One day. I’ve been creeping around to see when the 2011s come out as well. Perhaps I’ll be able to get one after taxes come back next year! I am saving up now for it and hope that I can possibly get a bike that I love after Christmas to join the roadbiking cult.

It’s funny because just the other day I went into a brand new bike shop after a run that just happened to be on my way home. Not one word was said to me as I perused the shop. They were all huddled in the corner over some bike in their spandex. Very weird. I just know I will be a nice girl with pigtails, none of this douchey, no-wave, I won’t even look at you unless your on a bike stuff. I’m just not that tough!


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