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20 miler. CHECK!

So FINALLY I got in a decent 20 miler. I haven’t had that in… probably almost a year. The night before I laid really low and got prepared for it. Since I’m a giant klutz, I also totally jammed my knee into the corner of our ottoman in our living room. An awesome insta-bruise was there and now I have a giant knot on it, but I was nervous that it would be really sore when I woke up, but it wasn’t. I was also nervous about the tummy issues.

So before bed I took one Imodium. Slept a solid 6.5 hours and woke up ready to go. I was a little nervous but I wanted to do loops a park that has a mile long loop by my house. Why I thought this was a brilliant idea, I don’t know. So off I went after taking another Imodium and salt pill before starting. At mile 6 I ate half a peanut butter and jelly and took another salt pill. I drank water each mile. Then I was at mile 12, and ate another peanut butter and jelly and took my last salt pill. Around mile 18 I started getting really tired but just kept telling myself to keep pushing through and that I was almost there. I ran REALLY slow, but I wanted to conserve energy so that I wouldn’t be completely dead at the end. It worked and I finished with walking only about three minutes. I didn’t have any bathroom issues and fueled properly, for once!

YES! The downside was the HORRIBLE tan lines I acquired! Ugh!My back is even worse since I was wearing a tank with a weird back design and now it’s like lines all over the place. I am going to the lake in two weeks and this is going to look awesome in a bathing suit. ha ha. Oh well.

The rest of the day was spent, after an icebath of course, running around town doing some errands. I dropped some dinero at the good old forever 21, where they had these awesome sweaters on sale! They are the perfect ‘longer fall sweater for layering’ in my opinion.

And the best part is that they are longer so they work with leggings without your butt being out there. So I picked up some and I saw this but am still on the fence about it. I have it in a 3/4 sleeve option and love it, so I might end up getting it as well.

I’m such a sweater girl. I would rather wear a tank with a sweater over top of it any day of the week.

Then I had the most delicious dinner ever yesterday too. I have this new thing that I was taught by a co-worker of putting avocados in my cottage cheese. You just scoop some out and mix it together and it’s delicious! :)

That’s a little spinach and cheese stuffed salmon! YUM! :) Overall it was a great weekend and I’m still stoked that I got my 20 miler done. I needed that for confidence and I actually am not sore at all, besides the bruise and knot on my knee.


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