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August 2010

  • Ryders Review

    Sunglasses that I LOVE! Amazing! I don’t look like I’m blasting off into space while running. So excited to share…

    / August 30, 2010
  • Bikelust

    So. I have something to admit. Every time I run lately, I longingly look at the ones that are constantly…

    / August 27, 2010
  • Last Part of the Training Plan!

    So in training for Camarillo, I’ve had a three part plan that I’ve worked on editing and making as the…

    / August 25, 2010
  • 20 miler recap

    Finally this past weekend it was time to do another 20 miler. Last time I felt like I was really…

    / August 23, 2010
  • New Kswissle Shoes!

    I finally got the chance to go visit the K-Swiss Store in Santa Monica yesterday to get new shoes! (Check…

    / August 20, 2010