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Yesterday I got a day off work and got to take a trip to the Wild Animal Park! I haven’t been there in forever, like since I 5 or 6! It was even more awesome than I remember and I really liked seeing the animals in their ‘natural’ habitat.

Baby Elephants! The cutest thing ever. You can take a ‘tram ride’ through the ‘Africa’ area and see all the animals living together (without predators) and it’s awesome to see them all just hanging out and relaxing in their home. The Wild Animal Park is also a place where they work really hard to breed animals to help release them back into the wild. It’s a great place to visit.

There are also regular exhibits that you can walk by too. Luckily enough it was nap time at the Lion Camp and they were sleeping RIGHT NEXT to the glass! Those are some big cats!

Lastly, I checked out the Lorikeet Landing! I am scared of birds but I really wanted to feed them. You get a little cup of nectar for $3.00 and after you enter their habitat, they land on you and are crazy about what you are about to feed them! They are trained to look for those cups, I swear! So I finally did it!

Then I had three on me… and freaked out! I was scared they were going to start pecking me for more nectar! They were flocking to me and it was hilarious and funny but they left me alone once the nectar was gone. Thankfully.

Overall it was a great day off and I’m glad I got to go. It was a nice break. Today I’m working the Kid’s Fishing Rodeo for work and then this weekend I have an 18-20 miler on my plate. Getting ready for Camarillo and after last weekend and feeling alright I’m excited to see how this longer run goes.


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