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TriSlide Review

Funny how I’m posting a review of an anti-chafing product today when yesterday I complained about chafing. Anyways, I was asked to review the product TriSlide a while back, and I was skeptical. I feel like I start off every review that way. I guess I am just not a big believer in trying new things. So the idea behind TriSlide is that it’s basically a form of anti-chafing solution . Now, I’m not big on anti-chafing stuff because I think it’s weird and I don’t like the stick like form. So usually my motto is just burn baby burn in the chafing department. Stupid, but it is what it is. It just doesn’t seem to help me out that much and I always forgot the stick and I feel like I’m just rubbing deodorant all over my body. TriSlide is an aerosol spray. I love me some aerosol and I was excited to try it out after I found that out. It reminds me a little of something that you would use for athletes foot.

I really liked the bottle and it was super easy to use. I felt like the nozzle sprayer allows really good coverage and it makes everything really slippery, which is the point of a chafing product! I used it on my feet to take care of any hot spots and to make sure no toes were bloody. It worked awesomely. I just sprayed the toe areas and side of my big toe where I usually get blisters.

The left foot was sprayed first. When I first started using the product I used a little too much, but that is better than using too little. It never bothered me at all and I really liked the way it felt on my feet in my socks. It gets all the ‘nooks and crannys’ a lot better than anything else I’ve ever used.

You just have to find out how to spray it the best way for you and then just spray it on it’s pretty self explanatory. I love, love, love using it on my feet! I also love the fact that it’s in the bottle and spray form. It makes it super easy and way less messy for me at least.

I just spray it right on and then put on my socks. I usually spray it on outside on our porch though. It really comes out quick too, so I know the bottle I have will last me a long time.

Here is the close-up of the front of the bottle. Yup, love the aerosol aspect of it the best! So easy to use and covers so much more than a stick, in my opinion, especially on my feet, which is where I seem to have the most problems. According to the website, it’s in a environmentally friendly 4 oz. canister. I LOVE IT. Seriously. Check it out and you won’t be disappointed. I’m also a big fan of putting this on my inner legs when I decide to wear the booty shorts just for precautionary measures. :)

You can find out more about Tri-Slide HERE and get your own on that website as well. I am very thankful for the TriSlide people reaching out to me to test their product because now I’m chafe free and my toes are finally not bloody!

I’m also thankful for them for giving me 2 bottles to give away! To enter, just leave a comment with your biggest pet peeve while running. Do you hate all the bikers on the trails? Do you get chafed in a certain spot every time? Do you hate the way Gatorade tastes 8 miles in? What chafes you while running? :) Your stories always crack me up. If you tweet about the giveaway you’ll get another entry and if you blog about my giveaway you’ll get another one. :) If you are bored and want to follow me on twitter you can here :) That’s a total of 3 entries! I’ll pick the winner next Thursday by random number picker. Good Luck!


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