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The finished new room!

So I’m not a designer, nor am I creative at all. It it really hard for me to envision things and I like a lot of masculine stuff when it comes to bedspreads and that type of thing. I didn’t want my room to be all about running and wanted to make it all bright and girly. Then I realized, guess what I do. I run. A lot. It’s what I do and it’s who I am. I’m a little bit of a tomboy in a lot of aspects too. So therefore I decided I would just make my room a true reflection of me, a runner.

This is my lovely bed! The wall behind my bed is painted gray but it almost came out with a blueish tint. It also matches a color in my LA Marathon print I got from The Restitution Press perfectly, which I love. It also gives it a little color as well. The bed is the same bed I’ve had and I added a new duvet cover from Walmart! I also got that pillow from Target that was snagged by Shea (forever grateful) and I got the chandelier pillow from TJ Maxx a long time ago. Yes, that is a dirty pink bear on the left side. :) It was from my mom when I was a baby when she was in New York at FAO Schwartz. She also got me that matching smaller one in the little bookshelf on the left side.

This is a close up of the picture, you can see more over here, when I first posted about it and going to the show in San Fran a while back. Just got a poster picture frame from Target and hung it above my bed.

This is the view from my bed into the backyard. See the little puppies bed on the patio steps and my dresser and TV. I love the sunlight and how it brightens and opens up my room.

This is next to my bed. I have a fan and then my favorite saying ever that the lovely Kate recommended to me and I purchased from Hijirik Studios on Etsy! That’s also the door to my closet.

This is also another little picture section that I have in my room. I tried to de-clutter my room and I think I did a good job. Now since my desk can go in the ‘office’ I have more room and I put some of my favorite pictures in there and then another picture of where I used to run down in Long Beach is hanging on the wall above it.

Then, this is my favorite part of my room! I put my bibs in a shadow box and put my medals on top of the bibs to create a place to have them all showcased and not look jank! I also linked all the medal’s to my race report if you wanted to read any of them.

Here is medal shadow box 1! I have a bunch of bibs in here for the background and also here are the medals from left to right: The Angel Stadium 5k that I placed first in my age group, The Heroes for Hope 10k that I placed first in my age group, The CA Dreamin Finishers medal, The Quench the fire 5k that I placed first in my age group, the Nike Human Race 10k finishers medal, the 2008 Long Beach Half Marathon Finishers medal (my first half!) The San Diego  Rock and Roll Marathon (my first full!) and then the 2010 Surf City Half Marathon Medal.

And here is shadow box number 2! I hung the La Palma Run For Fun 10k medal on the side since I just got it 4th of July weekend. But left to right in this one: 2009 California International Marathon medal, 2010 LA Marathon medal, 2009 Malibu Marathon medal, 2009 Surf City Half Marathon medal, 2009 Long Beach Marathon medal (my FAVORITE race! and now I work for them :) ), 2009 San Francisco Half Marathon medal, and Race on the Base 10k 3rd place age group medal.

I LOVE these shadow boxes and I feel like it’s a great way to show off my medals, which I am really proud of in my room that is artistic and somewhat creative, instead of just hanging them all on a rack. I also feel like they are much safer in the cases, not saying anyone is going to steal them, but safer against fading and dust!

I love my new room and how it turned out! I am a runner and I’m glad I decided to show this stuff off in my room.


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