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That thing on your head

So I have a weird issue with hats. I’m not totally sold on them. I have about 10 running hats and I hate wearing them. I do know that with my awesome sun spots on my face I need to wear some sun protection and hats are good option along with sunscreen (that I am obsessed with) but I just feel like they look so weird! I am down to wear any baseball hat but for long distances they don’t work so well since they are cotton-y, but why do running hats form to your head so much?

I think they get so poofy in the front part of the hat that it looks like I’m holding something underneath there. Maybe they just don’t form to my head well since I have the ponytail and a lot of hair? Does anyone else have these hat feelings? I feel like I should try a visor or something. I used to run in visors in high school a lot because I got sun poisoning all the time due to acne medication I took and I loved running in visors.

I shall search out a visor and return with a comparison of them both.

Yesterday I ran a 6.5 mile tempo run. My first tempo run in about 5 years. Awesomely sucked it up. So tomorrow I shall redeem myself on my 15 miler. Hopefully. :)


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