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Sometimes, when your lucky, everything clicks when your running. The shoes fit right as if they were tied just to fit your foot. The knees don’t hurt and that twinge that sometimes you feel in your lower back magically disappears. Your hair blows perfectly behind you and the soft breeze seems to embrace you and push you forward as the sun lights the path ahead of you. It’s the perfect temperature that it’s warm enough to wear short sleeves. The sunglasses stay on your face instead of slipping and sliding down your nose constantly.

Everyone is friendly, your legs move effortlessly and every breath is easy to your lungs. You gulp in air and feel like you are running on a cloud. You look around you and realize that you are really just running. You’re enjoying every step and everything just comes so naturally. These are the remarkable moments that I think once you experience them running, you get hooked. They are ever so rare, but when you catch a glimmer of these perfect running moments, it fills your heart with joy and puts a spring in your step. Every now and then everything just seems to have a shine, all the crosswalks are protected and even the drivers look twice before making a turn.

You’re splits are perfect, the consistency of your steps are a rhythm to your ear that only you understand. Everything just falls into place. You sigh a breath of relief as you run, wondering if this is really your life. You can breathe every day. You can move your fingers and wiggle your toes. You can put one foot in front of each other, over and over again, until the miles click away, the sun sets and you get lost in the run. You don’t know where your going, but once you get there, you’ll turn around and head home. Wondering if it was all a dream or if a perfect run does exist.

It’s these moments that I run for. It’s the run that is effortless and before you know it, your back home, wondering, did I really just run that far? Nothing aches, and it seems like you were only out meandering the streets, crossing sidewalks and waving to friendly bikers just mere moments ago.

Those days, whenever they happen, make it worth it.


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