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Round Dos of Training!

So we are starting off round 2. Well it started last week. The first part of the training round was all about getting back into a routine, which it seems that I can finally beat the battle of the sheets in the morning and have been able to get up to do training runs. I fell off the bandwagon a little bit during the weekend of the fourth (read: partied too hard and didn’t do my long run, God Bless America) and was a little worried about my long 15 miler that I had this past Saturday. I went to bed nice and early on Friday, got everything all set for me to go in the morning.

I decided enough was enough and I was going to take Imodium before my run to hopefully curb the upset stomach problems. I took one pill before bed and then one when I got up the next morning. I also opted for taking salt, which I think is one of the problems I had at the LA Marathon. I was dehydrated from the Imodium that I had taken so I cramped and died a death over those 26.2 miles. Sadly, no where around here sells salt pills and I wasn’t up to drive 3o minutes to get some. So I found the little salt packets at Chick-fil-a and just planned on using those. I loaded up my ipod and when I woke up the next morning I decided I should drive down to Huntington Beach and just cruise along the beach path, which is what I usually did when training last year for Long Beach.

I got to the spot, strapped on the trusty iFitness belt and off I went. It was a good run to start off with and I constantly was reminding myself to slow down since it was a long run. I ate my peanut butter and jelly sandwich at mile 6 and took salt before I left, at mile 6, and at mile 12 when I ate another sandwich as well. I haven’t had a run like that in forever. Nothing was hurting, I was just in the zone and the miles kept ticking away. I drank at almost every mile since the path I was on had drinking fountains and my playlist was kicking serious tail! It was a GREAT run and a great confidence booster! And I knew I was running well so I was excited to check out my splits:

That hasn’t happened in FOREVER and it was awesome to run that fast and feel that strong. My last miles were even my fastest. The last mile I just kept thinking, push, push to the end! You’re almost there! It was an awesome run and I wasn’t sick at all and my music just kept me going.

Tomorrow I have an 8.5 mile recovery run and then again a faster more ‘tempo’ run on Thursday. The chart above is my new plan and for this second round of training which, as you can tell is all about upping the mileage. I ran a total of 52.7 miles in June and in July I’ve already ran 43.2 miles and it’s only the 12th!

So now I’m pumped and feeling good once again. Here’s to training round number 2! Pile on those miles. :)

Also, tomorrow I have an awesome recap of All Star Sunday and the MLB Celebrity Softball game that I was so lucky to attend yesterday!


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