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New music!

I realized I haven’t done a music post in forever and after my long run last weekend with my new playlist I knew it was time to share some gems on the blog! I love so many of these songs. Of course, Eminem’s new cd is awesome to run too, but there are some oldies but goodies in here randomly thrown in (Enya, anyone?) I also threw in a few upbeat country songs that I have been running too lately. These are all awesome songs though and I’m loving my new playlist. I hopefully won’t update it until right before Camarillo so that it’s new and fresh for my race! Per usual, all these are linked to youtube videos and I don’t know what is on all the videos. There is also cussing so beware! I’ve posted some other playlist ideas on the Reviews and Playlist tab so check it out if you need even more ideas!

Drivin’ Me Crazy – Sam Adams ( love the beat )

Why Don’t We Just Dance – Josh Turner ( for some reason I run well to this! )

White Liar – Miranda Lambert ( saw her in concert and she kicked butt! )

Gunpowder and Lead – Miranda Lambert ( weird noises at the beginning, but it’s good )

Undo It – Carrie Underwood ( gah, she is just amazing. that is all )

Naturally – Selena Gomez ( watched part of this music video, awesome she’s like 12. fail )

Not Myself Tonight – Christina Aguilera ( seems like she’s back to the dirty days)

Getting Over You – David Guetta ( love anything by him! )

Sunshine – Steve Azar ( this song is just adorable. I am obsessed even though it’s very slow )

She’s Like A Star – Taio Cruz ( his stuff is also really good to run too! )

Can’t Be Tamed – Miley Cyrus ( oh goodness, miley in a cage… sheesh louise )

Women Lie, Men Lie – Yo Gotti ( weird song, good running song though, I feel really thug when I listen to it! )

King Hustle – Eminem ( no explanation needed )

All I Do Is Win – DJ Khaled ( I love the lyrics of this song! )

Your Never Over – Eminem ( i )

Going Through Changes – Eminem ( love )

Almost Famous – Eminem (his)

Won’t Back Down – Eminem (whole )

Despicable – Eminem ( cd )

Love the Way You Lie – Eminem ( for )

Not Afraid – Eminem ( running )

Do I – Luke Bryan ( loving Luke Bryan… and his rain song is good too! thanks shea :) )

Body Bounce – Kardinal ( for some reason this pumps me up even when I’m not loving running )

I Rep That West – Ice Cube ( C’mon, I rep that west? Duh!)

Magic – B.o.B ( I was shocked to hear this song after the airplanes song, but I love it. Totally different )

I Like It – Enrique Iglesias ( Random, but a good jam by him )

Dynamite – Taio Cruz (Again, I said all his stuff is awesome )

143 – Bobby Brackins ( Man, I still want that beeper dang it! ha ha)

Only Time – Enya ( So random, but a friend has been obsessed with this, I tried running to it and it was RAD! )

Never Say Never – Justin Bieber ( Obviously, I love teeny bopper music )

Waiting – Don Won ( Good back beat )

Forever Yours – Manny X ( Another one that really gets me moving out there )

Airplanes – B.o.B ( Love this song even though it’s almost overplayed )

Ice Cream Man – Chiddy Bang ( Random band that I love running too )

I have to do my long run tomorrow since I’ll be working a 5k this entire weekend. I thought with my job it would be much more running friendly, but I didn’t realize I would work so many weekends! It’s totally okay though, being on the “other side” has taught me so many things. You’d be surprised how much I talk about porta-potties, t-shirts and their fit and medals. All. Day. Long. And for those of you who call my company and ask how far a half marathon is, it’s 13.1 miles. Sometimes we all just have to laugh! If you are going to be at the Orange County Fair 5k, say hi! It should be a fun race and hopefully not to hot.

Since I have to do my long run tomorrow morning and I had speedwork on the plan today, I skipped the speed work and just put in 6 easy miles. No use in mucking my legs up and making my schedule harder than what it need to be. A friend reminded me to K.I.S.S., which means keep it simple stupid. It’s easy to get caught up in training and getting everything done, when in reality this section of my training is all about upping my mileage. Speedwork can come later and getting a run in and keeping my legs fresh for my 18 miler tomorrow is priority. So it was slow, it was hot, but I’m ready for the 18 miler tomorrow.

Onward ho!


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