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MLB Futures Baseball Game and Celeb All Star Game

So on Sunday my lovely friend Shea told me she was going to the Celebrity All Star Game, and Futures baseball game. I was so jealous so imagine my excitement when she had extra tickets and asked if I could come! I was SO excited. I LOVE baseball. I’m one of the people who can even watch it on TV. I love my Angels too and knowing that the All-Star game is at Angel Stadium was just so exciting. I knew a few people who ran the 5k that morning and even though I wanted to it just wasn’t in my training plan and I didn’t want to mess around too much with that. So we quickly got ready, left and went to the little fan fest they had in the parking lot where I got this awesome shirt. It’s not every yea that the All-Star game is at your favorite teams’ stadium so I had to get a little something.

Then we got to our seats and everything we got was so cool and there was a lot of energy in the stadium. They really went all out for the game and it was all sponsored by TACO BELL, the love of my life. We got little ticket holder lanyards and they were well made and the Taco Bell marketing on them so was fun and really smart. Being in marketing I truly appreciate all the little weird random stuff. We got to our seats and it was perfect since we were in the shade and just enjoyed the game!

The futures game was really fun to watch. Crazy how when it matters, those boys hustle much more. It was a good game and it was the USA vs. the WORLD! Isn’t that how it is in real life too? Just kidding. But it was a blast and USA won! There were some awesome plays throughout the game though. Then it was time for the Celeb All-Star game where some highlights were James Denton, Marissa Miller (OMG I DIED! she is sooo pretty) Rollie Fingers, Jennie Finch (who used to be my pitching coach when I played softball and is oh so pretty too!) Bo Jackson, Michael Clark Duncan and a ton of others including Angel legend, TIM SALMON! It was so awesome to see so many cool players out there playing for both divisions.

Earlier in the day we noticed that the opposite side of the field section we were sitting in won TACO BELL HATS. They were awesome hats and we wanted them very badly. We considered paying 20 dollars for them. Then during the Celeb game some Angel girls showed up behind us with big boxes. Big boxes full of TACO BELL HATS! Our section was going to win them! We waited an inning and begged the girls to tell us if it was our section that was going to win them. They must have informed the video camera people that we were freaks because when they announced we won, we were on the Jumbotron and live tv screaming and jumping  up and down and freaking out over the most awesome giveaway EVER!I was totally that girl who was on the Jumbotron and then realized we were on it and pointed at it too.

We were so excited for the rest of the game. It was an awesome way to end the weekend, that’s for sure, especially for us who love Taco Bell. There was a short fireworks show after the little Celebrity Home run derby which Tim Salmon crushed and everyone was going crazy for him. Then after the game we thought it was only fitting to go to Taco Bell for dinner. Wearing our hats.

It was one of the most fun day activities I’ve done in SO long and I’m so excited to watch the All-Star game tonight! We laughed so hard and the taco hats definitely were the best way to top off the day! Thanks so much for Shea for inviting me and what a great event! I will remember it for a long, long time.


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