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La Palma Run for Fun 10k Race Report

The weekend started off with a 10k with my brother’s girlfriend. She is currently training for the Long Beach Half Marathon and we talked about this race and decided to run it the weekend before! We ran the La Palma Fun Run 5k/10k and her friend Sarah joined us as well. It was great running weather that morning and though there was some registration hassles for myself that we had to deal with first thing, everything went off without any problems and it was a fun race. Congrats to her for finishing her first 10k. I know she’s going to kick some serious butt in Long Beach this year! Since it was just a fun run, I didn’t race and I’m glad I enjoyed it with them. It was a double loop for the 10k and my splits were:

mile 1 – 8:44. mile 2 – 8:41. mile 3 – 8:40. mile 4 – 8:30. mile 5 -8:37. mile 6 – 8:46. .2 mile – 2.43.

Pretty consistent and I felt really good the entire race. It was the perfect confidence booster after my first training round which was recently completed as well. Onto the next round which I’ll be posting sometime this week hopefully!

My brother came out to support us all! We saw him and her dad twice since it was a loop, and since he has a really nice awesome camera he was able to get some cool pictures of us too!

We look like we are having so much fun! She was pretty focused on finishing, but we made it no problem and notice, the firetruck in the background. :) HA! When we started the second loop, I knew exactly where we had to go and it was great to run the same exact course that we had just ran. It gives you a sense of what is coming up. I don’t know if I could do that for a full marathon though.

After the race we got Popsicles and orange slices. It was a fun small race. I say really small race because I ended up placing in my age group. I have to admit though, sometimes small races are some of the most fun races you can participate in. There were some uber patriotic people out for the race!

We were almost to the finish! It was a great morning for running. As many of you have been complaining about the weather, we have had some serious left over June gloom here in July! It has been drizzling every morning!

I finished in 54:26, which isn’t close to my PR but I was glad to get out there and run with friends! I’m so excited for her to run Long Beach in October and I know she will do an awesome job!

If you haven’t entered my TriSlide giveaway, do so before tomorrow!

Sidenote: I’ve had those shorts since my junior year in high school. Awesome. :)


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