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Goals for SF 1/2

This weekend I’ll be up in San Francisco for the Marathon Events up there. Since they are a part of the CA Dreamin’ series that Long Beach is a part of as well, we are going to the expo and involved in a lot of parts of the race. Perhaps you remember my post about visiting up there not to long ago.

I LOVE San Fran. I love the city, I love Walnut Creek where most of my friends live and I love being up there. It’s always so much fun to catch up with everyone. We’ll be having a tweet-up/meet-up on Saturday at 2 pm at the RUN Racing booth, which is right outside the Merchandise area. When you are exiting the merchandise area, we’ll be right on the right hand side! If you are in town, do stop by! I love meeting everyone and we will have snacks at the booth. Even if you can’t make that time, stop by, since I’ll be there ALL day on Friday and Saturday!

Sunday is race day and I’m excited to run the 2nd half this time. Last year I ran the first half with Aron and Billy and loved it! It was the race where I decided I wanted to be a maniac because of Billy’s jersey. This weekend is just a training run  for all my crazy fall and spring races next year and next weekend I have to get back up those miles and quick. This weekend I hope to come in right around 1:50-2:00 pending how I’m feeling. Thankfully my K-Swiss have helped me heal and I’m back with no weird shin pain.

If everything goes according to plan I should be able to hit that time no problem so I’m looking forward to running another race. I realized I haven’t ran a race longer than a 10k since the LA Marathon back in March! I don’t know if I could call me running the LA Marathon even “running” I mean, c’mon look at this picture…

I can’t believe it’s been that long, and I’m getting antsy. I don’t know exactly what my race day outfit will be, but I am thinking something fun and bright! I have really been having awesome runs this week so I’m ready to try to tackle some hills this weekend!

Soon I’ll have another new medal to add to my collection!


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