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Curling with a Straightener

So I get a ton of questions about curling my hair with a straightener. It’s all I ever curl my hair with. So I finally got around to making a video of it. Here are a few reminders.

I hate my voice.

I look like a freak.

Anyways, the key is to pull your hair through the straightener while you turn the straightener. I have found that if I just blow dry my hair and then curl it this way, it takes about 15 minutes less than straightening it all since it’s okay if there are kinks and it’s messy. I’ve been doing this since my freshman year of college. I can’t even use a curling iron to curl it with big curls! They always come out droopy.

The tighter you turn the straightener the more tight the curls will be, the looser you turn it the bigger the curls will be. I usually try to go right inbetween and just mix it up with all different ones since the finished product is just curly anyway. So without further ado. Here’s the video. I started off with just blow dried hair. I didn’t use a brush to blow dry it, just made sure it was totally dry which takes me about 10 minutes. Then I just curl it like so.

Here are some pictures:

This is a little bit tighter of a curl, you can tell on the right side how it’s more corkscrew than just wavy. So I would have had to turn the straightener more to make it like that.

This is a very loose curl. This would be turning the straightener once and pulling it through my hair.

This is another big loose curl. You can make it larger and a longer curl by starting more at the top of the head if you want too. If you start higher up you can get more volume in the curl.

I hope that was helpful to anyone who has asked me how I always curl my hair!


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