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Bring on the Fireworks!

So this weekend we are having 2 parties, I have a long 13 miler re-do scheduled and the thing I’m most excited about? Running with one of my friends in his FIRST 5k! He’s been training on a little plan I made up for him and I’m so excited to run it with him. It should be a blast. :) Also, my brother’s girlfriend, whom I love is going to run it too so that will be fun as well. It will just be a big 5k party! I’m not running for time but just for fun. I love races like that. I’m going to wear my new bright blue Nike shorts but I haven’t decided on a shirt yet. Hopefully either something red or white. It’s been fun to see him learn to like running a little bit and he just says, “I’m just going to go run the 5k at my own pace.” Which is the perfect attitude! :) It will be a blast and I’m sure I’ll take a ton of pictures.

The parties will be fun and everyone will get to see Shea and I’s new home! We even live in a city where you can get fireworks so we are going to get some. Crossing our fingers we don’t blow anything up. I’m so excited to try out our new BBQ, show off our new home and have a great 4th! Best line the other day while buying some supplies at Target? “Are you buying this Aqua Hopscotch and Waterslide for your kids?” “Ummm, nope, for myself.” Awesome. Aqua Hopscotch sounds just plain radical. We are having beer pong and a keg. That’s how radical this party is going to be.

Tomorrow I’ve got another 13 miler on my plate and this time I’m going to knock it out of the park, none of this where’s the bathroom crap. Thanks for all those who entered my giveaway on my previous post, and if you didn’t, there’s still time! Read some of the comments, they are HILARIOUS! Can’t wait to pick the winner, I know you’ll love TriSlide just as much as me.

Have a wonderful 4th and I’ll have a race report up soon!


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