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American Cupcake

So this weekend I was up in San Francisco for work and for the half marathon! It was a great weekend and I got to meet up with my friends on Saturday after working all day at the expo. We hit up Little Star Pizza for dinner and I was famished so I basically ate a ton of pizza and caprese salad, which seems to be my new obsession. Little Star was awesome and it was great hanging out with everyone for a night.

Over dinner, Maritza was mentioning about a place that did cupcake and wine parings in the city.

WHAT. This place sounded way too good to be true, so I demanded we must travel there next. I could wait. I love cupcakes and this place sounded awesome. We got the best parking spot around and walked into American Cupcake and I was NOT disappointed! It’s mood there was awesome, they were playing some sweet jams and the cupcakes were all displayed perfectly. It was love at first site. They had macaroni and cheese and some other treats as well. To me that is the top of the line! So we sat down at the bar and order different stuff for each of us. I ended up with a Willy Wonka gone Wild. It had a coconut, red velvet and vanilla cupcake.

It was maybe the best idea ever! Everything was awesome and the frosting was the BEST part. Normally I’m not a big frosting girl because it overloads you with sugar and makes my tummy hurt, but yum yum, this frosting was light and freaking awesome! It was like marshmallow fluff! Awesome.

Everything was absolutely delish! The owner of the bakery was working on a ton of different cupcakes and when you ordered them at the store, they were frosted right in front of you. Made the frosting and overall cupcake 100x better! So I’m pretty much in love with this place.

Maritza and I, so happy to be together and eating cupcakes! Here’s a list of their pairings.

The owner is one smart cupcake to start this because it was basically brilliant. Like, beyond brilliant. Awesome concept, awesome delivery, and awesome, AWESOME product. Yummy win on many levels. If you are ever in San Fran and looking for the best place around, be sure to visit American Cupcake, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

Tomorrow, race recap!


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