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4th of July and Baby Koo Birthday Extravaganza

This weekend it was my little brother’s Birthday along with the 4th of July along with a 10k, look for the 10k recap coming up tomorrow! We had parties, parties, parties at the new pad and it went off wonderfully. It was a crazy busy weekend and though I didn’t get in as much running as I wanted, I’m still close to being on track, since I did run the 10k and this morning I got in an 8 miler. 8 miles before work is a ton for me so I’m really happy with that. Not so happy with my new shoes, but those will be reviewed soon as well.

On the 2nd, Shea and I actually got to go to the Angel game and though Fuentes blew it in the 9th inning… no suprise there, it was still a blast. I love my Angels!

The 3rd of July was a little family housewarming and it was so nice to have everyone over. We tested out the BBQ in the backyard and it was awesome. No one died from food poisoning.

Then the 4th was the big bash and many people stopped by. It was fantastico. Beamer says Happy Fourth of July!

We had our red, white and blue all ready to go with hotdogs, hamburgers, a ton of drinks and a keg, which keg stands were done on. What are we in high school? It was really fun though. To end it all off, my brother’s birthday is on the 5th of July! So the party just didn’t stop all weekend long!

I am so proud of him and all he supports me in. He is such a blessing in my life and I’m so glad he’s my family! Even though he made me late every single day in high school, it takes him longer than me to get ready, he yells at me constantly over how I used to keep the bathroom and how messy I was, and how I traumatized him when he ran away and I didn’t chase him when he was little. Glad those days are behind us and now I’m clean and he’s, well, still usually late. :)

So happy Birthday little Koo. Hope you had a spectacular day, and a great year full of fun memories. I’m so glad that you were chosen to be my little bro!

He came to ride next to me for the last 3 miles of the Long Beach Marathon last year, and always makes me feel proud of my running accomplishments. He is a great athlete himself, and his respect for running makes me proud of what I do.

Even though he hates taking pictures with anyone, he is one of the best guys I know. He makes me laugh so hard and has the best one-liners I’ve ever heard.

He’s always there for me and I’m so glad that he’s my little brother. Who turned 22! Sheesh! I never saw that one coming!

He makes me laugh more than anyone I know, and we make quite a good team when it comes down to it. Who knew I would have such an awesome brother? He is the most OCD kid I know, (I showed up to take him out to lunch yesterday and he’s vacuuming his house….) and I love him so much.

Happy 22nd Birthday Kooie. Happy 4th of July. Happy Summer and Happy, Happy Days.


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