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18 miles or bust. I went bust.

So I started off on my 18 miler this morning and by mile 2 my calves were killing me. Not a good sign on a long run. Some Backstory: I had tried out two different pairs of Brooks shoes recently. The Ghost and Glycerin. They both just didn’t fit right on my feet and by the end of the trial time (one pair went 15 miles, the other 20)  they were killing me. Not a good sign and a review of them and the K-Swiss that I normally wear is in the works. I know my legs are a little bit sore from them but I thought I could easily make the long run by slowing down. I have never had calf problems ever so I knew it was related to the shoe. Here is where my leg is hurting. By the end of the run it even hurt to walk.

I could barely run an 11 minute mile pace. Last week I ran my 15 miler at 8:30ish pace. So something was very wrong. Even though I wore my old shoes I think my legs are just thrashed from the Brooks. So instead of running 18 miles for my long run. I ran 7 this morning, will run 7 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday. I’ll still be getting in some solid miles so that’s a plus. I need to really ice a lot and also ibuprofen and revive them. I’m working all weekend long so I know I’ll be on my feet, but I think not running in those shoes is best for me now. So, I’m going back to K-Swiss. I got the Brooks from work and though I would just test them out, but they obviously didn’t work with me! I think I am going to Keahou II, since right now I run in the Keahou and the Natural Runner and like them both.

So even though my run was cut a little short and a disappointing, I was there mentally. Oh well, it is what it is. At least I got to see some awesome rainbows this morning!

Rainbows over the Huntington Beach!

Here is Southern California, we use John Deere for a little something different. So kind of bummed that I didn’t get the whole run in, but I’d rather not be injured for the 2nd half of the San Francisco Marathon next weekend! It will be a fun race and I just want to have fun but I’d rather not be wanting to kill myself the entire time either.

Then after my morning run I have to do some work for Sea Festival here in Long Beach which included helping out at Kids with Special Needs Beach Day! I took some pictures and put them online! They are awesome and it was great to see so many kids enjoying the beach and taking rides on the boats. The rest of the weekend will be filled with sleeping and working the OC Fair 5k! We are getting some awesome stuff ready for Long Beach and I can’t wait to share it with you. Shhhh it will be our secret! :)


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