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You just rubbed me the WRONG way

So I’m down with the whole ‘We’re Tagless’ thing. You know, tags make you chafe and it seems like everyone is steering away from them. It’s awesome. It’s awesome until you realize that they STILL have tags. Um, so what’s the point people? The whole tagless thing doesn’t work if you had tags!

I realized this after a recent run in my Lucy shorts that I love. I usually only wear them for about a 3-6 mile run because I opt for booty shorts for runs longer than that, but I wanted to wear them. I get about to mile 6 and I realize there is going to be an issue. It’s that moment when you realize you are chafing and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s awkward because you know it’s happening and you’re going to have to keep going. Chafing hurts like nothing else and it just keeps getting worse as you go. It’s literally rubbing your skin off. Awesome tags. Awesome.

So then this is what I see when I got these shorts. Yay! Tagless shorts. Cool! I love shorts with no tags because then they don’t rub and chafe.

Then this is what happened.

Tag hidden on the leg totally chafed me! I was really bummed about this and imagine my surprise when I realized that something was rubbing me the wrong way and then I looked to see what it was and it was a tag. Kind of annoying, especially since I think the whole tagless thing was so that there were no tags? I just maybe don’t understand. We all know that now this is a giant scab on my leg too. Even better. Ugh, chafing is seriously the worst.

So I took a picture of the tagless cool tech printed tag and then the hidden leg tag. I guess I am going to have to double check things before I go out. Sometimes on longer runs thing that you’ve never had problems with before blow up in your face. Hence my saddness in the lucy shorts. Now the tag is ripped out I will have to give them a second try, but I wonder, why print the tag and then stick another on inside the short. I then went on the hunt for another ‘tagless’ option, which were my new Nike booty shorts. They have the printed tag and a tag as well. Weird, but at least this tag is right next to the other printed tag and I can just cut it out easily!

Love that it’s the worst sewing job I’ve ever seen too. Awesome Nike. So I guess the moral of the story is to check your tags before taking off! Chafing sucks.

On a good note, I am right on track with my training and haven’t missed a run. Yesterday on my hardest day of the week I got in a good 6 miler. My paces were those of a bell curves. 9:06 (I’m sooo tired why did I get up this early! I can’t run fast in the mornings.) 8:46 (Starting to feel better. I can do this.) 8:14 (Weeee back in the groove) 7:46 (I am going too fast! I can’t keep this up for the rest of the run!) 8:18 (Ahhh this is much better) 8:23 (Finally back home! Now give me some water!) So that was promising. I feel okay about that run. :) Tomorrow I’ve got another ‘quicker’ run and I am going to do it in the morning so it won’t be so hot.


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