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Sound the Trumpets

We’ll I’m making a triumphant return. Triumphant might be overstating it a tad, but I do like that word so I’ve decided to use it. Special side note: I played the trumpet for four years in elementary and middle school maybe that’s why I like it! Since I’ve blogged last I’ve basically been working my butt off. I had an excellent time in San Diego for the Rock and Roll Marathon Expo. READ: I DID NOT RUN THE RACE AND WAS NEVER PLANNING ON IT. But, to those who wished me well on it, thank you. I worked the Long Beach Booth and we talked to quite a few people. I love those days even though they are long. Meeting people and hearing some great running stories is so much fun.

My friend Emil even took this awesome picture of me doing work! It’s not even staged :)

Then Sunday I was busy working my first event with work, an open water swimming event in Marine Stadium. Walking around in the sand was so draining but it was really fun and busy, busy, busy. I got super sunburned which was awesome.

I came home to my lovely room looking radical with my gray wall behind my bed.

I know, I know the picture frame still needs to be hung, but I’m liking how it looks thus far. I can’t wait to show off the full before and after. It’s seriously mind-blowing, and I love where I’ve moved! We finally got internet after not having it 10 days which was horrific. Everything is finally coming together and it’s getting more and more like home. Can I please also point out that having a washer dryer and dishwasher is maybe the most amazing thing in the world. There is so much more room and these guys make it so much more fun.

Two little doggies that get excited when I come home make my day every day!

As for running, I’m finally ready to start training again and I’m excited for the plan that is currently in development. My next race will be the Camarillo Marathon in October and I know that it’s a long time to train for me but I’m planning on focusing on different aspects of training every four weeks to keep things fresh. I should be finishing up the plan this week and I will be posting it next week hopefully.

Work this week has been crazy but I’ve come to realize that is what my work has become. I’m constantly working at about 120 mph and that’s just something I need to adjust with and go with. It’s going great though and right now I’m working on some medal designs, a web-site redesign, some new fliers, and all the events that go on during the summer that we manage. It’s crazy, but it’s awesome.

This morning I ran over to the gym. It’s so nice to be so close to it and I got in a great workout and am glad to be getting back on the workout train. I will be back to being on twitter and blogging probably about three days a week.


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