13 Miles along a new route

So this past weekend I had one of those runs where I struggled a lot. It was with my good old friend bathroom issues. I swear, if this doesn’t get figured out this training round I might just start carrying toilet paper with me everywhere, it’s beyond ridiculous. So anyways, I’m ramping up mileage and getting back into the routine of things and though I was a tad nervous about the distance I was running, I figured if something happened I wouldn’t be that far from home since I was just doing an out and back. I took off around 7:30 am with my garmin, my handheld, and just was ready to cruise. I knew that the riverbed is a long track so I figured I would just run 6.5 out on that and then back home. Besides some douchey bikers, it was a good route. Another plus is that it travels past some nice, kind of scenic areas.

A lot of the trail is a fenced in from the parks and areas surrounding it. It starts by a Walmart and then travels along by a huge nursery of plants on the other side. These are what riverbeds look like in Southern California.

I usually stay on the right hand side and I like running in the dirt area. It’s much easier on my knees and I think long term it will be much better for me. A homeless man was walking on the path and he said that I was doing the right thing, he was a long distance runner a long time ago. Awesome. Thanks homeless man.

The path continues on and I really like the wide dirt area. It also keeps the douchey bikers from yelling at me as well. Double Win.

This is the area where the riverbed runs into the ‘river’ that drains into the ocean a few miles down. I remember riding bikes down this path when I was little to get to the beach!

It’s kind of a little, dirty, weird, ecological area. There are lots of ducks and weird animals and sometimes fisherman can be found here. Which is gross, I would NEVER eat anything out of that river.Ā  It is something a little different to run by though. I was turning around and heading home at mile 6.5 and I ate some sharkies right then as well. It was right around mile 9ish when I started to feel a little sick. Oh that lovely familiar feeling. Ugh. I knew at least I was on my way home right?

Running down next to the river to complete my last miles. Right around mile 11.5 the wheels fell off and rolled away. Other than feeling sick I was running really well and feeling strong, so that was a good confidence booster. I got the mileage in but had to walk the last .8 of a mile in search of a bathroom. Awesome. It happens though and I don’t feel totally defeated, so that’s good. I know that is my biggest issue. I actually wasn’t sore at all the entire afternoon either, which was good. I am glad I felt confident and strong before mile 11.5 as well.

So the new route I ran was actually rather nice and I like running along there a lot. I think I will test it out again soon for another long run. The dirt path really adds to the ease of the run on my body. So it wasn’t the perfect easy run, but these bad runs have to happen every now and then so I guess I was due.

The rest of the weekend was spent preparing our house for the fourth of July Party we are having this weekend! It’s coming along, we actually got a lot accomplished. I am in debate with myself to run a slow 3-5 miler this afternoon, but we’ll see. I know that tomorrow I really am going to push on my run so I am leaning towards just waiting until then.


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  1. Madison says:

    Hey, I’ve ran there before..once and also biked it once. It is a nice stretch of road to run on but it is kinda quiet and isolated at times. Kinda creepy especially under those road under-passes. Sorry to hear about the stomach woes. I also get nervous before heading out for runs sometimes. Something about leaving the comfort of home that always makes my stomach uneasy.

  2. Shannon says:

    Could it be the Sharkies? I know you love them, but maybe it’s something in them that doesn’t agree with the tummy?

  3. I have to confess I think I’d be afraid to run near that river bed. But I’m easily frightened by things that go boo! in the night (or day for that matter). lol

    BTW – I met Ron (Punk Rock Tri Guy) this weekend. He’s hilarious and a blast! Not to mention he impressed me to no end. Ironman, what!?!? Seriously amazing!!!

  4. Tara says:

    hope your tummy problems go away! no fun!

  5. x-country2 says:

    Make sure you stay safe out there. It looks a little isolated. :o)

  6. Tami says:

    Hi there! I am new to your blog, I found you through “A Tale of Two Coins.”

    I just read your L.A. Marathon post, and I loved it! Your friend Billy is amazing, how lucky you were to have him there with you!

    Keep running!

  7. Adam says:

    You know, if you can’t trust a homeless guy about training tips….who CAN you trust?

  8. sara says:

    i’ve ridden my bike a few times down there and had wondered if you ever ran there :) it is a nice trail, kinda surprised you didn’t see more people out there on a saturday … but it does get pretty sketch in spots.

    have you tried modifying your diet the night before a long run? (i.e., no dairy, no leafy greens) hope you figure the stomach woes out!

  9. Nicole says:

    no me gusta tummy problems! i hope you get them figured out soon- thats the worst!

  10. joerunfordom says:

    Danica – so sorry to hear you’ve been having those “pains” on your runs lately – we’re heading down to MX for the 4th and reading your post started making me feel a little “nervous” – I think I’m going to keep the mileage pretty “sane” this weekend down there.

    Good call on the dirt path – I try really hard to run 50% crushed stone, 50% asphalt to save my knees. Makes a huge difference.

    Have fun this weekend! Best from Austin, Joe

  11. Ann says:

    Probably you really have to pay attention to what you eat the day before a long run, the entire day!
    And choose your route where there are a lot of little natural spots to hide for a quick nature visit. Also practice doing it fast, haha… happens to me too, but on the trails is not that big of an issue and I got really fast in it.

  12. Good job on the 13 miles. I hope to get there someday!

  13. Rachel says:

    Way to stick it out and have a successful run!
    The first riverbed pics brought back memories of OC100K and I totally know what you mean about the bikers in that area!
    Please be careful running that area as it seems like some sketchy characters might frequent the place…
    Random thought about your GI issue…have you tried cutting out gluten? I’ve been reading about people eliminating it for a couple days before runs and it helping…only idea I have for you. :)

  14. Aj says:

    yikes! i’m always impressed that you stick through runs despite some terrible conditions – i wish i had that motivation. it can’t be the sharkies though, that would make me so sad! are you drinking a lot of caffeine before your runs? i know i only have so long before coffee sends me to the bathroom! especially on an empty tummy first thing in the morning.

  15. Page says:

    Umm….you are awesome, but that trail kinda makes me a little depressed. :(

  16. I know you carry pepper spray, and that you’re a very competent and together lady… but I think you should always be sure that your roomate or someone knows exactly what time you left and what route you were planning on running. I agree with some of the earlier posters that that route (while nice and scenic) is also kind of vulnerable.

    Love ya – not trying to lecture, as I’m sure you have it all covered. I just dont want to see you end up on dateline.

  17. Rebecca Jo says:

    Love the homeless guy was giving advice! :)

  18. I totally have the same problems. It’s not every long run for me but this past weekend on my 12 mile run it was horrible. i usually try to power through it but i had to stop on the run. Please let me know if you ever figure out a solution :)

  19. aron says:

    new routes are always fun! bathroom issues are not :( especially on new routes where you dont know where all the bathrooms are! gah.

  20. I have that problem at times. It sucks. Glad you pushed through and finished strong though!!

  21. I struggle with bathroom issues too. It SUCKS. I have been known to jump off the treadmill 2-3 times during a tiny 30 minute run. Sad!

    Cool pics by the way!!! The homeless man comment cracked me up. haha

  22. Is this what I have to look forward to when I move? :(

    But running with you will be worth it! Will you please introduce me to some running spots? And chaperone me?

  23. POM says:

    Is that LB:? There is a jetty in HB that is a little better, although tons of bikers. I still haven’t figured out what I’m doing about marathon-ing. I am only up to about 7 miles right now. Basically, pathetic :(

  24. Way to finish out the run.. but that trail looks sad. =( And a little sketchy! you be careful girl!

  25. ilovesteaks says:

    looks like we had the same kind of weekend “run”. :)

  26. Glenn Jones says:

    Hmmm. Long distance runner. Homeless man. Hmmmm.

  27. I can’t believe you ran along the LA river — it’s SO odd. J and I bike there sometimes — always see some weirdos. AND yes, I’ve seen people fishing too and that is so freakin’ gross I don’t know where to start.

  28. Paloma says:

    Wow! Thats an intense run. Very impressive!

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