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You know you’ve been on a cruise too long when…

So this past week was INCREDIBLE! The cruise was so much fun but I thought of these ten funny things that let me know I’ve been on a cruise too long.

1. You walk around looking for sanitization stations with your hands out ready to be anti-bacterialized all the time.

2. You open your bedroom door in the morning and you are disappointed there is no fruit, juice and cereal waiting for you.

3. You wonder why you’re so tired at 2 pm and want your daily nap.

4. You look at a menu at the restaurant and are tempted to order everything on it…just because you can.

5. You get off the ship and constantly ask the people around you, ‘Are we moving?’

6. You wonder when the daily bingo drawing will be.

7. You listen for the intercom chime every morning for the daily activities.

8. When your hungry you look around for the nearest tray to load up with snacks.

9. You’re constantly checking your cell phone to make sure it’s not on roaming.

10. You rush into the local fast food place making sure you can get the table with the best view.

I wanted to give everyone one more day to enter the Coveroo Giveaway! So I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

I’ll have a full recap of the trip and everywhere I went sometime this week, but I did learn I cannot run on a treadmill on a ship. It makes me sick! I ran about three miles while gone but I did do a TON of walking and exploring. Canada was absolutely beautiful and I was so lucky to have the chance to go and had a blast.

This morning I got up and ran for thirty minutes and it’s such nice weather where I live it was just great. I am glad I took a rest and am feeling better and ready to get back out there, so much so I’m going to pick out a half marathon for the summer!


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