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Wait, where have you been?

So this past week Thursday through Monday morning bright and early I’ve been having a great time up in San Francisco. Granted, Thursday and Friday were spend going all over town promoting the CA Dreamin’ Racing Series with The San Francisco Marathon and over those two days I basically ran a marathon.

Yea. As of recent I basically was running about 10-15 miles. I wasn’t running much at all. I was just starting to build my base back up. My long runs were still decent but I was just starting to get back on that training pony. Well now I’m officially back on because this past week I ran 8 miles on Sunday, 8 miles on Monday, 14 miles on Thursday and 13 miles on Friday, not to mention walking about 2 miles on Friday around downtown.

We ran a lot of the first half, which I ran last year for the first time, and I enjoyed it. It was simply great weather and every one was out and about enjoying the day.

I made my first trip to Sports Basement! I have heard many of my northern California friends talk about this place and it’s pretty awesome. While I was there I stocked up on a ton of sharkies.

My favorite thing. I love the Golden Gate and am so lucky I can visit it so often. It was so clear out, I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this clear.

The course is no joke though and I was still exhausted after the first day of running. The second day lead to more running, brainstorming, planning and traveling all over town but it was another beautiful day and then I met up with T & M to go to a Restitution Press art show that evening. I can’t wait to show you my wonderful piece of art that I purchased. I am automatically cultured.

It was absolutely gorgeous weather up in the bay and I do love the area. It’s one of my favorite cities, hands down. The golden gate is so romantic. Sigh. As for work, it was SUPER productive. Way more than I thought even could be, which is really good.

I hung out the rest of the weekend with Tara and Maritza which was awesome per usual. I’ll have the full recap of that tomorrow with more pictures of the trip, my art purchase and also a wonderful blogger meet up!

Let’s just say, another 8 miles did me in for the weekend on Sunday morning, but I think it was just what I needed to get me back into gear. Oh and I got talked into 5 more marathons. That is for another day, along with my training plan. Man, there’s lots to catch up on!

43 miles in a week? I’ll take it, and I’ll take this awesome I can run again attitude too.


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