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That automatically makes you cultured

So this past weekend I got the chance to go to a Restitution Press Art show. Now, I’m NOT artistic at all, but I LOVE his stuff. It’s so different and unique and he did a lot of stuff with the LA Marathon. He used a lot of different techniques that make his art very different and the stories behind each piece is pretty cool. Tara, Maritza and I rolled up to a weird little area in the Haight/Ashbury district of San Fran and everyone was wearing all black outside the little store. We were a little sketched out. Once we walked inside thought they had an awesome DJ and a lot to look at and view. It was cool to find more and more little things in each big piece of artwork.

We have been working with him a little bit at work and I was really excited to get the chance to see his work and look at more stuff he’s done.

I LOVE The top piece. I think it’s so LA and the bottom piece had awesome bright colors. I love the new LA Marathon logo on the bottom one too.

This was part of the 26 foot long mural he made for LA. The show was in a place where they screen print t-shirts and there was also live screen printing going on. It was pretty exciting for me! I got a t-shirt and debated if I wanted to get some art. After long talks with Tara and Maritza and a coors light I bought my first piece of art.

He made a whole bunch of images into a large book you could purchase or you could purchase individual pages of the book. I got my favorite page.

Here is the page from another angle. It’s double sided and I’m going to frame it in a black glass frame and I think put it above my bed in my new house! I think behind the bed I am going to paint a gray stripe as well and then put the picture over it. It sounds strange but it looks good in my head.

I told a friend that I got some sweet art and he said, well that automatically makes you cultured. So now, I’m cultured and I have a really awesome part of the LA Marathon to stick with me forever. I thought it’s nice too because it’s definitely a conversation starter and so unique. I love the old school LA Marathon logo on there too.

He is selling his art and more pieces from the show so if you want more information check out his website and contact him.

I’m pretty stoked on being cultured and hip. It feels really cool.

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