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Maybe you all remember when I got sick at CIM and took this picture.

When I was sick and not having a good day. Sidenote: You ALL seem to love a horrible race report from me. I guess my misery is your happiness. Anyways, I know that you all remember this epic picture that I tweeted. It’s where I seem to spend most of my time come race day. :)

Then I got this from Danielle!!!! And I thought nothing was more appropriate for a Friday!

Tomorrow I’ve got 6-8 miles on my plate and more moving! We moved some of our stuff last night and this weekend the only thing I hope to have left in my room is my bed and some clothes! Moving is quite a workout!

Also, thanks for all the interesting comments on my post yesterday. I do think it plays a role whether we like to think so or not. Interesting thoughts!


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