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Lucy Shorts and Tank Review

The gals up at Lucy were kind enough to send me some super cute running gear and I wanted to review it for all you guys.

I first ran in the Propel Tank. I REALLY love the tank. It is very lightweight and loose fitting. Also the print is flattering and I love the colors. It’s also relatively LONG which I love in a tank. So many tanks I find are short and thus not flattering. I didn’t have to pull and tug at this tank to stay down. I also loved the fabric. It’s really soft and you can tell that it’s a great quality garment. EEEEE after run picture….

The green is just my sports bra, nothing to do with the shirt :) I also love the neckline. It fits really well and allows breath ability and is a flattering cut. I am wearing a size medium.

Secondly, I ran in the matching shorts to the shirt. The Distance Run Shorts. I LOVE these shorts. They fit perfectly and are made of a great material. I love the length on them and how they fit when I run. I like the smallish cuts on the side that allow great movement and I like the pocket on the back of them too!

The front view

The back view with the small zipper pocket. They were long enough to not be booty shorts and aren’t super tight. I really love the fabric though. As you can tell from the pictures, there is a band at the top of the shorts and there is a drawstring in there. I really like the band though because it keeps the shorts in place and doesn’t allow them to be saggy.

Then we have the glorious booty shorts that I ran LA in. The Propel Run Shorts. I got these the day before the race at the Lucy tent and I’m all for wearing new clothes while racing. I know many people believe it’s a no-no, I love doing it. These are a tad longer than the ones I usually run in, which was a-okay by me. They have a 4.5 inch inseam and their fabric, again is awesome! I felt like they never rode up during the whole race, which is a huge bonus and they fit perfectly. The band at the waist is another one of my favorite features.

Here’s a few pictures from the LA Marathon and the shorts.

Love the length and the fit!

HA! I may have not been the happiest camper on the course, but my shorts were amazing :)

Finally the finish! :) Also the ‘stripes’ on both the sides of the shorts are reflective stripes.

Just because this was probably the highlight of my interesting experience at the LA Marathon. Firemen! :)

So, the thing I love about Lucy clothes is that they are quality gear. I love their fabrics and they do have some sweet sale items on their websites and in stores. They are PRICEY though. That’s the only downfall. I know their stuff lasts longer but it’s hard for me to fork out big dollars for something I’m just going to sweat in and get dirty and wash constantly. To each their own. I do love their stuff though and have gotten some great finds on sale! :)


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