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Cruise Recap!

So I went on my first cruise ever and it was AWESOME! I totally loved every moment of it, and I’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning if I would like it or not. I was nervous I would get seasick and I would be afraid when I wasn’t able to see land, or be bored. But as you can tell below, there are a ton of pictures and the weather was beautiful the entire time. Yes, I must admit, it was a bit cold for this sun lover, but it was still pretty. After clicking through the gallery, scroll down and I explained what I did each day and my favorite parts of the trip!

The first day I boarded the ship in San Pedro, which is right next to Long Beach. I got on the ship around one and it was immediately amazing. My room was down on the fourth floor, which is the lowest floor and I had a porthole in my room but I think it really helped me not get sick down there because you can’t feel the rocking of the boat. The boat left port around 5 pm and it was off for a day at sea. All the food on the boat was pretty tasty but I’d have to say my favorite was the room service. I loved getting breakfast in bed every morning. I usually opted for some fresh fruit and tea. It was delish.

Sunday was a day at sea, so basically I lounged around, explored the ship and hung out in the spa. Monday we docked in San Francisco and being one of my most favorite cities in the world, I was excited to be there. Opting for the excursion off the ship to Alcatraz, it was amazing! Even though I’ve been there a handful of times, it never, ever gets old and I recommend if you are ever in San Fran to make it a top priority! Tuesday was another day at sea and it meant a lot more lounging, I got a massage which was amazing and more spa time.

I got a little seasick out on the open seas since it was a little rough in the Pacific but I never got too sick that I wasn’t functioning or eating. ;)

Wednesday we docked in Astoria, Oregon, which was very exciting for me. I love Oregon and I love seeing so much green! Astoria was a little rainy that day but still wonderful and a great place to visit. There is a great maritime museum there and also in order to go into Astoria, you need to get through the ‘bar’ an area of the ocean that runs into the Columbia River. It’s a very hard area to navigate and you need a special Bar Pilot to guide you through. Ours landed on our ship early that morning by helicopter to get us through. I had some of the best salmon of my life there at the Silver Salmon Restaurant and watched our special Bar Pilot get taken away by helicopter after we had left and he guided us through again! Quite the experience.

Thursday led me to Victoria, CANADA! It was so exciting to be in Canada and Victoria is simply beautiful. I want to move there STAT! I loved the area, the trees and the people were all so kind. There is so much going on downtown and it’s so different than where I live. I love seeing all the green land. I traveled to Butchart Gardens there which is a gorgeous garden a little bit outside of Victoria. If you are ever there, make sure to stop there. I am not a big flower person, but it was breathtaking and it was tulip season which made it even more special! There were over 40,000 tulips in bloom! Being dutch, I love tulips! I got a sweet shirt that has the image of a mountie on it and wandered through some amazing stores up there. It was incredible to visit that cute town and I could see myself spending more time there.

Friday was onto Nanaimo, Canada. Cruising from Victoria to Nanaimo was simply gorgeous. We were surrounded by land the entire time and the cruise was much more calm. The islands surrounding us and the sunset was amazing. I didn’t know how I would like cruising but this was amazing! It made me really want to cruise through parts of Alaska. Nanaimo was a very small town but I got some delicious cookies from a Farmer’s Market, met real Mounties and also had the best shrimp on a bun sandwich I’ve ever had! More spa time and the best dinner on the ship at the Steak house which took over 3 hours! I had a delicious Filet Mignon and some Cakebread Merlot (which is one of my favorite wines of all time) and I was in heaven.

Saturday was onward to Vancouver, Canada and where I got off the ship. It was amazing to be on there and I had an absolute blast. It was with the Norwegian Cruise Line and on a ship called the Pearl. It was a ‘Freestyle’ Cruise, so you could eat meals whenever you wanted, with whoever you wanted, at wherever you wanted, which I liked. The food was awesome, the shows I went to were fun and the service was great. I did go to the gym and row a few times and spent some time on the elliptical as well, but I couldn’t run on the ship, even when we were docked, it made me sick! Oh well, it was a vacation.

I visited some family in Washington and was reminded what life is like outside the small bubble that is Southern California. Trees! Yards! No Fences! Huge Lots! Beautiful unique houses! Loved it. All in all it was an awesome trip and I’m so glad I got to see more of North America! I would recommend cruising to anyone who hasn’t tried it. It’s a little different but it’s fun to mix things up every now and then. :)

This morning I ran a set of stairs by my house and did push ups and sit ups between each set. I’m dead tired now. 62 stairs x 10 = dead legs, but I got working up a good sweat and I do love running stairs!


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