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Timing Changes

The other day I traveled to Target and picked up a stop watch that I could wear while running. Though I love Claude, my garmin, I have decided to see if I would do better running for ‘time’ for a while. I have seen a few people using this technique and I think I’m going to give it a shot because I know my basic pace, which is usually anywhere from a 7:30 to a 10:00 mile. Instead of going out and running a specific amount of miles, which I think personally can be overwhelming at times, I am going to run for a given amount of time.

Quite nice looking for a ten dollar watch if I do say so myself. So instead of running 4 miles, I will run for 40ish minutes and so forth. I am going to try to be consistent in running more about good “minutes” than hitting a certain mileage, if that makes¬† sense. It’s funny because I use the map my run tool sometimes to map my run and yesterday after I ran for 45 minutes, I thought to myself, that felt like 4 miles. I got home and it was 4.2 miles.

I really hope this works for me and I think it will work well for my ‘break’ and easing myself back into running. Yesterday I tried it for the first time and it was nice to not be so concerned with my mileage and more concerned with how long I was running for. I am going to re-break-up my workout routine to make sure that I’m hitting the gym 2-3 days a week and running 2-3 days a week. If I only work out four days a week, I’m okay with that. If I wind up working out six days a week, score. I know I work best when I don’t follow a strict plan, so until I start training for my next race, which at this point, my next full Marathon will be the Camarillo Marathon in October, but other than that I have nothing on my schedule. AT ALL. Not going to lie, it feels nice.

Though last night my friend called and told me he will be running the Seal Beach 10k. It perked my interest. We’ll see. Sometimes races on a whim are the best ones and running with friends is my favorite thing to do. So back to training, I will probably ramp up training starting mid July for Camarillo and will make sure I’m fully prepped this time for number 6! I might want to do a 5k soon, I’m missing the shorter distances a tad, so we’ll see if I find one around here that looks somewhat enjoyable. Well, as enjoyable as a 5k, run like your going to throw up, can be.

I am finishing up making decisions for graduate school and excited about my options there. On a completely unrelated note, how awesome is it that baseball is back?

Tomorrow is round two of Adoption April!


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