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Radical POM

So POM is something that I’m on the fence about. They didn’t send me any samples but I instead scored a container at an expo that I worked. Regular POM is okay but it’s a little tart for my taste. I do like the nutrients and how it benefits you post run, but gulping it down makes my little taste buds cringe. I like my drinks sweeter so regular POM isn’t my fave.

So the sample I got was POM blueberry. I didn’t even realize it wasn’t regular POM until I got it out of the fridge to pour it the other day and imagine my surprise when I realized that POM was mixed with one of my most beloved berries, the blueberry. I was super excited to try this wonderful treat that I didn’t even know existed! After going to their site I also found out they have a POM Cherry too, I will for sure have to try that!

And let me tell you, it was TASTY! I loved it! I think mixing it with blueberries took off the tart taste that I wasn’t particularly fond of and made it completely awesome! I know POM is pretty expensive and that’s why I mentioned I’m on the fence about it. I think it’s a great juice but shelling out that type of money for a juice isn’t something that I would normally do, especially if I’m not totally sold on the flavor, but the new blueberry one is great and I will definitely be picking up some when I want a special treat. :)

This morning I FINALLY had a decent run. I ran with my new watch and felt decent the entire time. I was running fairly fast and besides my calf being a little tight from my sloth life, I was really pleased with how easily it all ‘came back’. I ran part of the Long Beach course and it reminded me of my wonderful race and how far I’ve come since then. It made me almost excited to start thinking about Camarillo and made me realize that yes, I can run still.

So this weekend is the Grand Prix! I am so excited and I’m sure I’ll have a huge recap sometime next week. Tomorrow though it’s back to the Adoption posts!


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