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Q&A Running Answers

Hector asked some running questions… Since you’ve ran some pretty awesome marathon courses so far…What would be the course/city you would want to race. Second, Medals are awesome…What would you want your dream medal to look like. Third.. What is one song that totally pumps you up when you run.. either being starting or when you hit a wall, what song gets you going on your second wind?

1. I would love to run a few more big races like the dream races. Of course, one year Boston, New York but I have realized that in my past races I love smaller races. I don’t like being around THAT many people and I do much better in a smaller area where I’m not fighting for space. I would love to run Big Sur and I would love to also run more fun races like races in costume. I would love to run Long Beach again but in the near future it looks like that is not going to happen. :)

2. I would want it to be the bigger the better. Who said size doesn’t matter?! I am going to run Arkansas Little Rock Marathon next year just because they are known for the biggest medal. And when I saw biggest medal it’s not joke. :)

Music. All these posts get me going! (here, here, here, here, here, here, here) I love rap music but oddly enough, every time I heard “I’m like a Bird” by Nelly Furtado on my runs I get pumped up? Weird, but true.

Spain asked more running questions… What is your ultimate running dream? As in, is there a race or a running accomplishment you hope to do in your lifetime? (Especially since you have already conquered the marathon!) Do you read running books or magazines? If so which are your favorites and why? Also are there any running blogs or Web sites you really like?

1. I have no idea. I never even though I would run a marathon, let alone more than one. So that was kind of strange to complete that. I would love to run more races, meet more people and have more fun with running. I did want to work in the running industry and now I do so I guess that was another goal accomplished. :)

2. I don’t read running books or magazines at all. I’m into running and I love it, but I’m not a running freak. I was more like that in high school when I was competitively racing, then I poured over books and magazines and websites. Now since it’s something that I enjoy, I take my time and just do it to enjoy it and not overload my brain with all things running.

3. I don’t read any other blogs besides my friends. I am so busy at work and in my personal life and blogging myself that I don’t really find new sites. I love reading about my friends lives and they are not all running related.

Gabrielle asked what my finish time at LA was?


Spamboy asked, “If you were told you had to stop running and could never do it again, what would you do?”

I would be sad for a little bit, but I would find something else to do that I loved that allowed me the same ‘me’ time. Whether it be spinning, yogaing, pilates, or working out in the gym, it would all work out in the long run. Even if I could only walk I would still be happy to be outside.

LawGirl asked, “How do you let running play into what you eat? Are you generally a very healthy eater and running just plays into your healthy lifestyle, or do you run so you can eat what you want?”

I wish I was more healthy, but I’m not. I try to make a conscious effort but it’s really hard for me. I usually eat whatever I want to certain extent. Before a race or long run I will try to eat some type of carb heavy food the night before. I eat a lot of pasta in general and a ton of chicken in general. I have been trying to implement more and more veggies into my routine but it’s tough for me. I’m hoping when I move to the new house next month in our much bigger kitchen, I’ll be more motivated to cook!

AnneMarie asked, “What motivates you to run on days that you may not be feeling it?”

I know that sometimes I get really run down and I have to take a break or else I get in a rut. For me, these times “off” are the most rewarding and can get me right back in the groove. If you have to take a week off, it’s not the end of the world. If I know I have to run and I don’t want to, I just try my hardest to have a good attitude about it and before I leave I take a deep breath and just think you’ll enjoy this once you come back home and off I go. As soon as I start then I’m fine and my motivation to finish comes back.

Chris asked, “It seems many of your races are ran with a running buddy or two, are your training runs with others as well or by yourself usually. Do you prefer having someone to run with in either your training or races? How does it help/hurt do you think? (either having or not having someone)”

I train strictly by myself for the most part. I trained for Long Beach with my friend Ann while she was training for Chicago but that has basically been the only training buddy I’ve ever had. I run up in San Fran with all my friends up there, but I don’t train with anyone at home and I run 99% of my runs alone.

Besides Ann, I don’t like running with other people for the most part, especially if I’m not in training for anything specific. I do like running with other people for fun sometimes when it’s fun to chat and hang out. I miss that sometimes, but I hate running next to people I don’t know like in a big race.

It does help in the idea that you can work together on finishing the distance but I just don’t have anyone to train with.

I love Steaks asked, “When are you going to train for a BQ? :) I’m shooting for 2013.”

Who knows. I get this question a lot. This and how do I get faster. Well, maybe I’ll qualify in Camarillo in October. Maybe I’ll qualify in Malibu in November. Maybe I’ll qualify when I’m 90 in a wheelchair. Who knows. Right now it’s not a HUGE ‘I have to get there right now’ thing, but I don’t think I would ever run Boston unless I qualified, which I hope to do at some point. Vague, yes.

Neil asked, “Have you ever thought of branching out into triathlon as well as running?”

I have considered this! Who knows. I love swimming, but I’m not the biggest fan of biking nor do I have a bike besides my beach cruiser. I do want to do a triathlon one day, but not anytime in the near future. I think I would like to qualify for Boston before I try a triathlon. Who knows. I don’t like sticking to schedules… guessed that yet?

Nicki asked, “Do you always run with music or are there times you run without it? I go back and forth…I’m trying to run without it, but if I’m alone I find I usually need the music. Just curious how much music impacts your own running! :)”

I usually always run with music. The one time I haven’t that I can think of is the LA Marathon but there was so much going on that day that the music just seemed to distract me and make me unhappy, which hasn’t happened before. I like running with it and I like listening to all different things. It seems to keep me motivated.

Endorphin Buzz asked, “Have you ever run outside the USA? What are some of your favorite / most memorable runs?”

I never have, but I am hoping to soon run in Canada, which will be my first run outside the USA! I have run in Hawaii and a few other states, but no where else, mostly I stick to CA. :) I am going to run in Arkansas next year and I hope when I go to grad school to at least get in a few runs in another state too!

My most memorable run was obviously the marathon that won over my heart, the Long Beach Marathon. Malibu was simply beautiful and was another favorite. Other than that, I just like being able to run and running around and enjoying it and smiling. That’s my favorite feeling in the world.

And I’ve gotten a few questions on nutrition and hydration when I run so I thought I would just address those here as well!

Usually on a longer run I will still go with my PB and J method. It works well for me and Gus and other things that are liquidy like that make me sick. On shorter runs I will eat some Sharkies, which are SO delicious, I could eat them for every meal!

As for hydration. A lot of the paths I run have sweet new water fountains that I drink water from. I also am a big NUUN freak and use a handheld like this one for some longer runs. It’s funny because so many people have emailed me with, “I don’t think I would like to carry something like that,” or, “I can’t run with that.” Which I used to think the same way! Now I love my handheld. It takes a little bit to get used to but I really like it and you can too if you give a chance. I hate running with things in my hands but this one works out perfectly.


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