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Fitletic Belt Giveaway!

I am not an April Fools Person. So hopefully no one plays a joke on me today. Anyways, my favorite company, who does not pay me but I love their product so much, allowed me to take some belts at the expo I recently saw them at for my readers! So I now have three Fitletic belts to give out to you guys!

If you missed the first review, of the regular single belt, check it out here. If you missed the double pouch review check it out here. And here are some sweet reviews of the Ultimate race belt by Aron and Maritza.

I seriously cannot tell you how many emails I get of people who love their belt that they’ve purchased from Fitletic, which I agree with, I love mine too! I can’t imagine not running without it now. And if you are comparing it to the other belts out there, don’t even bother. It is seriously in a class of it’s own. Enough of me being obsessed with the belt, here’s your chance to win one!

I have three belts up for grabs on this giveaway.

The top belt is the ultimate race belt, which has the gu holders on the side of the pouch. In the pouch you can fit your phone or whatever else you want to shove in there.

The bottom two are the double pouch belts. One has black accents, and one has pink accents. The tabs on the side are the little reflective parts of the belt.

So in order to enter this wonderful giveaway just leave a comment on this post. If you want to get another entry, which makes my life horrible by tracking it all, feel free to tweet this!

I entered the iFitness belt giveaway from @chicrunner. You can too at

You don’t have to leave another comment to let me know you tweeted either, it will come into my @’s on tweet deck. :) Schaweet. This time you have more than normal chances since I’m giving away three!  I’ll pick the winner next Tuesday.

It seems like many want the Adoption April series to return, so I will be doing that starting tomorrow! It will be very similar to last years posts and will be every Friday for the month of April. :)


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