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Green Giant of YUM!

I am slightly obsessed with a new little gem I found at Target the other day. They are the Green Giant Veggie Packages! First off, I’m not a veggie lover. I mean I eat them, but it’s just really hard for me to incorporate it into my diet for some reason, perhaps I am lazy. I guess I would be more of a “meat and potato” girl. But, I am down to try new things and I don’t mind them, minus the horrible lettuce. So, to my surprise, I found these that steam in the bag in the microwave! I thought they would be great for lunch. Problem is, I’m usually starving at lunch so it takes a decent amount of food to make me feel full and I was worried this wouldn’t be enough. WRONG-O! They seem to be the perfect amount!

I like the different options they have too, they have a whole plethora of different varieties including Healthy Weight, Healthy Vision, Immunity Blend, Digestive Health and Healthy Heart. I have tried all of them but Digestive Health, and to my surprise I loved them all! They are so tasty and are the perfect amount! They are filling and have a lot of different veggies that I wouldn’t normally be eating. They are seasoned by a little butter, or olive oil so they aren’t dried out and only take 3 minutes to microwave!

This is before I took a bite. That is a lot of veggies for me! I was so proud of myself and so surprised by how delicious they were. This is an epic win. Best part is, they were on sale for a DOLLAR at Target when I went! I would pay 2 dollars for this though! They are a great find and super easy to grab for lunch when I’m running out the door in the morning.

They come in a bag and you just heat them up in the bag and then pull the bag apart and dump them on a plate. The flavor is great and they are a great blend of different veggies.

Even an iPhone picture makes they look tasty! I am pretty excited about these little guys and see them in many of my future lunches! They are from Green Giant and called ‘Health Blends’. I researched them and found them on the Green Giant product list.

Tomorrow is the Seal Beach 10k Report, which I ended up running for fun and it was a blast. This weekend, other than that, not much working out too be had. I injured my foot a little bit during the race, so I need to rest to make sure that it’s not really injured. I must admit though, my Angels are BREAKING my heart! Also, with summer approaching and the sun making a comeback, check out the article I wrote about Sun Protection!


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