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Fun times with Pepper Spray

People have been asking about my new Pepper Spray and where I got it and how I run with it. Some have even asked why I would need pepper spray. Well since I’m no Karate Kid and not all my paths are filled with rainbows and daisies, I would much rather be safe than sorry.There are some ‘come as you are areas’ of the LBC, and when you run over 10 miles anywhere, that puts you pretty far away from your home. Believe me, I’ve thought about what I would do if I got attacked.

Scream. Though I don’t know if that would help, actually I highly doubt that would help.

Kick and Bite. I have considered both of these to be somewhat valid options, minus the fact that I’d probably get punched in the face and that would just ruin my teeth and I’d just start crying. Kicking is a good option though because my legs are fairly strong. Running can do that for you.

I’ve considered punching, but I know that would be worthless so that isn’t even in my bad of tricks. I figure why waste my energy on that when I know it is going to do nothing.

Then I thought about getting a taser, but that just sounds more fun than I’m sure it actually is and I just know I would taser myself. I think the thought of having a taser is pretty hilarious though.

The next best thing? PEPPER SPRAY! Now, I hope to never have to use this, but I’d rather be over-prepared than under-prepared. So I wanted to let you all know that now I’m carrying my iFitness belt and inside my belt I put the smallest pepper spray I could find. I also have attached it to the belt and flipped it up into the belt to keep it from bouncing and it works perfectly. I feel much safer with it and I’m glad I run with it now.

Someone asked me where I find pepper spray like mine that is small enough to run with, well I have some versions in my A-store as well!

First we have the Sabre Pepper Spray for $7.35 and it comes in pink or black :)

Then we have the Jogger Pepper Spray for $10.50 and it comes in black.

Also, the World’s Hottest Police Spray for $8.70 in black.

The Pepper Mace Jogger Spray is the last option and it comes with a little jogging strap that you can put on your hand when running and it’s $7.00.

Last and best, in my opinion we have the Sabre Pink Pepper Spray with keychain for $8.00.

Though I haven’t had to use my pepper spray yet, I want to be prepared if anytime comes and be sure that I am safe out while running!


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