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Champion Review

I was sent some Champion gear for a review recently and imagine my excited face when I got not one pair of booty shorts but TWO! Super excited! I also got a few tanks and this nice long sleeve tee in lilac. It has some cool designs on the sleeves which I liked, but I do think the color is a little blah for me. I’m all about bright colors! I really liked the fabric of the shirt and appreciated that it was seamless as well. One thing that I did notice was the fact that at the v-neck, where the two parts of the shirt came together there was a small nub. I didn’t know if this would bother me during my run but only a mile and half in I knew it was going to mess up my skin a bit. It started to chafe a small amount by the end of the run. I really liked the fabric and fit of the shirt though. That was a definite selling point. I liked how long the sleeves were and also the overall length of the shirt as well. The seams on the underarms didn’t bother me either, which was great. I wore it when it was 55 degrees out and I wasn’t too warm or too cold in it at all and it seemed to have some stretch and bounce in it as well. Win! I am wearing a large though, which makes me wonder about Champion’s sizing. I also know that I am one to not wear incredibly tight workout clothes, minus the spandex on the lower section of my body, so personally, I would error on the side of caution and get a size larger than necessary in the shirts.

I liked the back of the shirt because of the breath-ability and how it was designed. I also like the little design at the top. The shirt stayed down which is good enough in my book!

One of the aspects that I really liked about the shirt was the fact that it had small designs down the arm of the shirt. Sometimes running clothes are so boring and I love it when they put a little effort into them to make them a little girly.

Then I reviewed the first of the two pairs of booty shorts. Now, for me, these are a little bit too long. I really don’t like them hitting that area of my leg and we all know I like BOOTY shorts! So these actually were made of a GREAT fabric and I did like them, if they were just an inch shorter! I liked how they were seamless and they were a good mix of spandex and fabric. They didn’t ride up at all during my run and seemed to fit really well. Again I got the large, but after a little while I could tell that they were a little bit big on me. I had the saggy poopy butt look going on. These are the 5 inch inseam and they can be found here. I do love them, but wish they were a tad shorter. :)

I really liked the aspect that they were seamless and that they didn’t rub in weird spots at all. They were really supportive and soft and the wide waist band was super comfortable and didn’t dig into my waist at all. They weren’t incredibly spandexed to my body which also allowed for a little extra breathing room. The size I tested in these was also a large. They were longer and I know some of you were looking for a longer inseam and I would totally recommend these!

Lastly, I tested another pair of booty shorts and these were my faves! They have a small design on the side and were very soft and the fabric is super moisture wicking. I also liked how they were seamless and I liked the inseam length on these as well.

Another aspect that is clutch when checking and trying on pairs of booty shorts is that they will STAY DOWN. You don’t need them riding up and giving everyone a free show! These ones stayed down very well and I really liked that aspect of them too. They are not only made with spandex which helps them stay down better.

I would totally check out the stuff that Champion has to offer. I really like what they sent me and I also think their stuff is well made and very well priced for a runner’s budget. It’s hard to find things that are well made and can stand being washed so much without paying an arm and leg.


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