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The Run Necklace Giveaway

Drum roll Puhlease! The winner of the Dick’s Giveaway for the $50 gift card is Alex from Running Just as Fast as I can!

Congrats! Please email me at Some of the comments were hilarious but most were super inspiring as well! I loved reading them and you guys are SO nice to your friends. There were some great comments about encouraging others who had lost weight, were having a baby, or wanted to keep their friends safe. Thanks for sharing your ideas and being open, per usual!

Anyways, an other fun thing I wanted to share was my friend Newlyweds Next Door and I got dinner last week and we FINALLY took a picture together after being friends for over a year and we keep forgetting to take one. I am her cat, Judah’s, Blogmother for goodness sakes! We had a great dinner at Georges and enjoyed catching up and chatting about Long Beach, where we both reside. We always joke about how we are the only LB bloggers! I am wearing the flannel that I seem to wear when I go out anywhere. I do own more than just the flannel though. :)

Look who loves me! Judah! Ha ha, I remember when he was just a wee little kitty. It seems that cats grow into huge beasts, but he is super fun when I see him and I am glad I am his blog mother :) Since this picture I have cut two inches off my hair too. But it looks basically the same, so smish, smash, smoosh, moving on to other super exciting things.

So another drum roll… I am super excited for this giveaway, because I love what I’m giving away. I recently got a great gift from Nana Gift Designs that is a small heart necklace that says 26.2 on it and it’s simply adorable. I am in love with  it and I love the fact that it says 26.2 on it. Crazy as it seems, sometimes I forget that I’ve ran a marathon. This weekend I’m sure I’ll remember how much I… love it? :)

Here is the lovely necklace that I got that I have been wearing since I received it. Hello giant weird neck!

And here is the lovely necklace and me at my desk at work :) I love how small it is, but every time I remember I’m wearing it I remember how far I’ve come.

In honor of the LA Marathon I wanted to do a giveaway of my favorite new thing for you, my lovely and encouraging readers! Since I love this necklace so much, another necklace from Nana Smith Designs will be given away to one lucky reader. The necklace will look like this one pictured below.

This is the necklace! It is a small circle that says run. I really like the simplicity of the necklace and how special and unique they are. You can see all her jewelry here, and her specialized marathon jewelry here. You can also follow her on twitter here. I love her stuff and I’m super excited to give one away to someone who loves to run, or who would give it to someone who does.

So in order to enter this giveaway, just leave a comment telling me why you love to run. If you would like TWO entries for the necklace, you can tweet about the giveaway. You can enter the contest even if you live in Canada! In order to be entered, you can tweet something along this idea…

I entered the I love to run giveaway that @chicrunner is hosting!

So enter away! Why do you love to run? I will randomly pick a winner with the random number generator on Monday, the 22nd when I return with one more marathon under my belt and I will remember how much it sucks to grab the hand rail in the handicapped bathroom since I’ll be so sore I can’t move.

I finally ran today and felt comfortable again. I haven’t had a good run in who knows how long so I felt good that I was okay out there. I am going to swim after work again as well, hoping to swim at least 1000 meters. Tomorrow I’m going to share some LA goals if I can even call them that, but more importantly, WHAT I’LL BE WEARING for the LA Marathon, which I bedazzled so get excited! :) Next week, I’ll have a race recap, another review, what I’ve been hydrating with and how my new job has been going.

Oh and I signed up for this race next weekend. Yup, the week after LA! What am I thinking?!


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