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Run Necklace Winner + SPD

SPD stands for slow painful death. That pretty much sums up my day out on the course yesterday. Alas, it was entertaining and I finished, and so life goes on. A big shout out to Billy who stuck with me and encouraged me to not give up the entire race. Without him there, there’s a slight chance I would still be wandering the streets of LA. Here’s a picture of Page and I before the race.

If I only knew… Well tomorrow will probably be an expo recap, where I worked my first expo and got tons of pictures, and then Wednesday will be a gigantic race recap with tons more pictures. My official time was 4:41:39. A new personal worst, but oh well, I was reminded that perhaps training for a marathon would be a good idea before I jump into my next one. I am still excited to run this half this weekend though. It will be fun and I hope I won’t be too sore.

I would like to call out the fact that with my friend Ryan and Billy, we said the race times in the car that morning and I called the winning time of 2:09:19 down to the second. So I call that a win. Win number dos was the fact that I wasn’t stuck in any blue thrones this time! Yea, I have no excuses, I was just dead out there. But a poop-free run is a win in my book.

Anyways, on to the Run Necklace. It was so fun reading all your comments about why you run, I agree with so many of them. It keeps me sane, keeps me motivated and keeps me active. It makes me feel great and I love challenging myself. So the lucky winner of the Run Necklace is…

Rachel from Make a Run for It! :) Congrats to you.

Since you all loved the necklace so much, Nana offered a 10% discount code until THURSDAY on anything purchased online at her store which can be found at Use the code CHICRUNNER. So now you can pick out your own necklace if you didn’t win.

I have some more great giveaways, including a few iFitness belts to giveaway coming up soon so stay tuned.  Now, I’m off to take some more ibuprofen!


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