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Lemme upgrade you!

This might not be the most exciting to some, but I just wanted to share about how much I appreciate the city of Long Beach replacing the jank drinking fountains that used to line the beach path I run along with THESE! First off, the old ones were pretty ghetto and looked like you could have contracted some disease just by taking a drink from them. Now, I’m no engineer but these new ones are AMAZING. When I was on my run the other day I saw them and I had to stop, I was that excited. Yes, I’m that lame. So I went over and inspected them.

THEY ARE GENIUS! First off, the fountain is on a slight, slight angle so the water drains down into the ‘base’ of the fountain. That is hollow so the water just flows right down to the bottom and then disperses to the area around the fountain. Since it’s along the beach path, a lot of sand is usually in the area which can soak the water right up.  This is about a hundred times better than the bird bath looking fountains that collected water for ages before. Also, the stainless steel seems like you can just power wash those bad boys down to keep them clean and germ free. They seem to be able to also withhold the elements of being on the beach as well. HOORAY City of Long Beach! Whoever designed these is brilliant!

Who knew I could get so excited about drinking fountains?


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