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What is on my iPhone Version deux

First off, I want to say thank you for EVERY comment yesterday. I do read ALL the comments every day and everyone’s kind words and nice tweets and everything that was said to me was super encouraging and it meant so much to me. I am so happy!  I start there on the 24th of this month. It also means you all better get busy and be ready to run Long Beach! I expect you all there! :)

Secondly, I have added a special little feature to find me online if you so desire in the top of the right hand side of my site. There is my Twitter, Facebook, Examiner articles, Amazon store, RSS feed and YouTube channel. If you roll over the icons you can click over to the sites easily! I also moved a few more things around over there and tried to clean things up. Hope that makes it easier.

Now onto a random wonderful funny thing that I decided it was once again time to share. I did this a while ago, where I went through my iPhone and found all the pictures that made me laugh and then posted them to my blog. Since my iPhone is attached to my hand 99.9% of my life, I get some pretty good shots. Well here it seems to be round two of funny pictures off my iPhone!

Literally one morning when I woke up there were two boys sleeping like this on the chairs in our living area. Amazing on two factors. One the fact is that they fell asleep like this and two, the fact that they stayed there all night! The cave is walking distance from about 5 bars, so that leads to some interesting slumber parties of friends who come over and then can’t drive home. Funny picture none the less.

This was when I was at the local Fresh and Easy grocery store doing a little grocery shopping, which is rare when I found this amazing piece of work. I never had any idea this existed but I about died in the aisle when I saw it and of course had to take a picture and act like I wasn’t going to fall on the ground laughing.

This picture cracks me up! I am trying to be a total BA and taking chicken off the bones they come with. I am so proud of DJ and I’s newly found domestication skills this year, we’ve really done well making a LOT of dinners for ourselves, which includes planning,  cooking the meal and doing the dishes since we don’t have a dishwasher.

This happened while watching a show on TV one night randomly. That is a paused screen of our TV. The news was talking about Facebook, and low and behold, I glance over and see MY name on the screen when they showed a screen shot of Facebook! I had to pause it and take a picture, since it was pretty much the most random thing EVER and how many people are truly named Danica.

This is my cousins’ monster cat, Patchy! He is the same little kitten I found on a run back in the day! Look at how he’s grown! And how he looks like he’s wearing shorts! Yes, I also wear glasses regularly and am almost considered completely blind without them or my contacts. Friday fun fact.

My brother and I at Christmas lunch at my grandma and grandpas. Can you feel the family love radiating from us?

I got this from a friend in a text a while back and though it was pretty much the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

This was from DJ one evening. She was at a bar, I think called, Snug Harbor, which is fairly epic in itself and the fact that this was found there in the bathroom on the back of a stall door makes it about 500 times better.  I woke up to this picture since she texted me late at night and started DYING laughing. It’s funny little things that make my day.

This is a pig made of meat? I actually found this gem in LA one time after running part of the LA Marathon with Billy. It was at some crazy market and I saw it and about flipped out. Of course a picture was taken.

Cool another picture of my brother looking like he’s going to attack me! Actually, he does love me a lot and I love him too, but he loathes taking pictures! I always want to take a picture and this then occurs.

Sometimes at work I sit on conference calls and draw cool pictures and text them to my friends. This was my two friends Maritza, Tara and I. I don’t really know what is going on, but I love dinosaurs and thought this was appropriate.

This month it was groundhog day so I sent this out to my friends to wish them a happy and peaceful (?) Groundhog day! I know, I have pretty sweet art skills.

Lastly, this one was an iPhone screen shot I took the other day when I was on my way home. I needed directions and I noticed that Santa Monica was spelled wrong. MONIKA?! Is the iPhone becoming ghetto? I about died when I saw this and took a picture immediately. I used the scribble app as well to put the cool writing  on the picture. :)

It’s the little things in life isn’t it? Well this weekend I have a big 16 miler, some cleaning, some cooking and a Valentine! :) For Valentine’s Day I made some fun hearts to share with you guys via this website. I’ve seen some of my other fave bloggers doing it so I thought I would make some for myself :)

Hope you all have a fantastic day of love. I know I’ll sneak in a little morning run on the day of love as well. Ah running, how I big red mushy heart you!


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