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Wait, you run?

I knew I would have to squeeze in a run this morning. I haven’t ran since Tuesday morning and even though the sheets were so warm and my bed was practically screaming for me to stay there, as I shuffled out onto the hardwood floors I knew I wouldn’t regret it. Morning runs are by far the hardest for me. I love sleeping in and I love being warm and snuggly in my bed. I just got new sheets to and there is nothing better than crispy sheets!

So last night, when I fell asleep it was raining. I was worried it would still be raining when I woke up, but to my excitement it wasn’t and I laced up my shoes and got ready. Nice how the biggest decision in my life this morning was whether to wear capris or shorts and a long sleeve or a short sleeve. I opted for one of my fave long sleeves and as I strapped on Claude and my iPod, I had one of those moments where everything seemed like it was clicking together and I would have on of those glorious runs, where it seems like you can run forever and your legs will never get tired.

As I stepped outside the clean rain washed air welcomed me and I started off on the familiar five mile path I travel around through town. There’s something about damp concrete that has just been washed from the rain. Everything is so clean and fresh and overwhelming. While I was running I just felt like everything was working together. It’s those runs that happen rarely, but when they do it’s like finding a lost diamond ring. They renew everything and remind me why I do run.

Yesterday someone asked me what I do for fun. I responded with, “Running.” It’s true. I enjoy and love to run. I do run for fun.


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